A Rented Alric Goes A Long Way


I still have my Alric rental and that helped with my daily quest again today with it being the Snipe Quest. For the Snipe Quest with Alric, I would just use one of the sniping range monsters from the Water splinter even if they don't get a magic boost.

Alric's magic boost is strong enough to overpower most opponents except in some rare cases where you get low mana battles or something. It's funny how much more powerful Alric is compared to Obsidian even though they give the same 1 magic boost.


I got 9 DEC and a Pelacor mercenary for rewards today and that more than covers the Alric rental of 4 DEC per day for at least the three days that I am renting him. Just one card would make it worth it - even the cheapest card.

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