Rising Star Game - What to do when you get Four leaf clovers


Hi all rising star players, while playing rising star game we receive Four leaf clovers which increases our luck four points. I don't know when we can get Four leaf clovers or when it appears. If anyone of you knows then please share.

Here i am going to share my own experience regarding Four leaf clovers .

Don't Do It.

when you get Four leaf clovers then don't start any long mission. Long mission means any mission which is longer than or equal to 60 minutes.

What to Do?

Once you get Four leaf clovers you should do small duration missions. Preferably you should do fifteen minutes duration missions like Illegal Busking, Radio Interview and Full Band Rehearsal missions.
If you are in first Zone means Home Town then you should play illegal Busking, Open Mic Night,Mid Week Support Slot and Busking with A License missions.

Philosophy Behind doing Small Duration Missions

Actually Four leaf clovers stays with us for an hour only. While staying with us It does nothing . Four leaf clovers shows its magic at the end of each mission which you complete. The possibility of getting coffee,discarded pizza, drunken fans and Four leaf clovers itself at the completion of each mission increases.




Remember this is only the possibility not surety. So to increase this possibility we should do maximum number of missions in one hour.
You can do three different 15 minutes missions with one repetition like;

Illegal Busking( 15 ) + Radio Interview( 15 ) + Full Band Rehersal( 15 ) + illegal Busking( 15 ) = 60 minutes

In this sequence you plays 4 missions in one hour which is the highest possible number. Similarly you can plan different combination of missions.

Thanks for reading and support.

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