Splinterlands LIFE SAPPER Battle Challenge

Hello Splinterlands Gaming Community,

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I play game every days.


I am currently playing in Bronze ll.

Today I have successfully completed my daily focus battles.

The following battle link is from a Daily Focus Battles I played.

Battel Rule
Mana Cost - 27

Available Element - 6 Elements
Line up and Position
Thaddius brood summoner has four mana and this summoner reduces the enemy team's Monaters to magic attack and health by 1. I really like that summoner's Ablity and it's my favorite summoner in death splinter. I use this summoner as my first choice when playing as Deathly Hallows.

Position 1 Of Monster - CURSED WINDEKU
After being cursed by Windeku, the card consumes six mana and two for melee attacks. It has three for speed and nine for health. Due to the Ablity it contains, this card is a good choice to use for the Tank position, not only does it have 9 health, but it is a card that the enemy will pay special attention to.

Position 2 Of Monster - DISINTEGRATOR
The DISINTEGRATOR Monster is strong in cutting, the Summoner's support is amazing for that Monster, and the Monster's Ability can reduces the Melee attack of all enemy Monsters,so I chose Position 2 for this battle. For that option, it costs 7 Mana Cost, then it has 2 close attack damage, 2 shield energy, 5 health, and 1 speed.

Position 3 Of Monster - UNDEAD BADGER
My favorite monster out of the Death Splinters is UNDEAD BADGER.Undead Badgers are especially irritable and scary when they're alive. If you pick him, he costs 2 Mana Cost, has 1 Melee Attack, 3 Health, and 1 Health.

Position 4 Of Monster - LIFE SAPPER
Neither fully alive nor fully dead, the Life Sapper absorbs energy from other good sons and fills the power around them. One side of his body is a ghost and the other is a life-like energy. He costs 3 mana, has 1 magic attack, 2 speed, and 2 health.

Position 5 Of Monster - SILENT SHA-VI
My favorite monster out of the Death Splinters is Silent Sha-Vi. It is also a Snakes Monster, and I chose it because of its ability. He will have 5 Mana Cost, 2 Melee Attacks, 3 Speed ​​and 9 Health.

Due to the Ablity of the Summoner I chose, the magic attack and health of the enemy's monsters were reduced by one, but because of the enemy's Summoner, the magic attack of his monsters was increased by 1, so one of my Summoner's ablities was useless.

let's go to my battle.

My Team is Death Splinter and Enemy Team is Life Splinter.

Battle Round 1

In the first match, the card that heals the enemy's first position was destroyed by my Snakes Ability. Then, due to that Ability, another enemy's Magic card was destroyed again.

Battle Round 2

In the second game, I missed a lot of shots. It was a back-and-forth match.

Battle Round 3

In the third game, my Position 1 Monster was killed by the enemy's attack, and the attacker was killed by Return Damage. Another card was killed by my Magic damage, and another card was killed by my attack.

Battle Round 4

In the fourth game, the enemy's last remaining card fell due to Snakes Ability and won.

Battle Result

I won Rating point +27, Reward Points +234 as a reward for this game battle.

The 4 times I started playing, I had to win.

Let me ask you to watch the criticize it.

I am very happy to participate in the Challenge of a LIFE SAPPER Monster with one of my favorite Abilities, the LIFE LEECH Ability. LIFE LEECH Ability has many opportunities and is a useful Monster even in the competition. Even with one shot, the health is increased by one. LIFE SAPPER Monster If you choose Death Splinter, please advise that you must use that Monster.

Thank you very much for your attention to the letter.

We meet again in the next game.

Have a great day everyone.

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