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Hey guys.. Mingalar par မင်္ဂလာပါ..

I played quite a number of battles lately as I had more time to play. So that I am almost at Silver II league.
This time, I'd like to share this battle against LIFE splinter. The battle rule was Target Practice, so all monsters had Snipe ability. Only 2 splinters were available, WATER and LIFE.
I prefer playing with more rules and fewer availability of splinter. Easier for me to formulate my strategy. Otherwise, it is very difficult to predict enemy strategy and less winning chance.

As the battle rule was Target Practice and only WATER and LIFE splinters were available, I decided to use WATER splinter. Mana cap was 54, so, mana was more than enough and didn't have to worry about running out of mana.
Diemondshark was placed as the tank, partly because it is very fast and it has Trample ability that it would make double attack after killing an enemy. For the 2nd position, Flying Squid was selected as it has Reach ability. The tank and 2nd monster job is to focus on enemy tank.
After that, Djinn Oshannus was used, as it is very fast and has Void ability hoping to get less attack from enemy magic attacks and avoid snipe range attacks. Deeplurker was placed after that to target weakest enemy. Gargoya Devil was placed right in front of the last card. Due to the battle rule, it had Snipe ability. The last card I used was Rune Crafter. I couldn't remember why I bought this card. I think it could be useful in this battle since there was a 50% chance of facing LIFE splinter and a high chance against Shieldbearer. The Fury ability should be very useful against taunting Shieldbearer as Fury ability has double damage to the taunting card.
So, my 1st 2 cards should focus on the enemy tank and most of the rest were sniper and one would be opportunity monster. Hope Djinn Oshannus does it's job to avoid some attacks from enemy snipers and magic cards. Let's see.

As expected, my enemy came up with LIFE splinter. Enemy used tank with Shield ability followed by taunt card Shieldbearer. The rest were range cards to take advantage of General Salon's buff and one magic card.

Both team had quite a number of range and magic card that my Djinn Oshannus was left with just 4 hit point and enemy Shieldbearer was left with 3 hit points. Unfortunatelly, Djinn Oshannus couldn't avoid range attacks but magic attack. Good that Rune Crafter did double damage to the Shieldbearer.

This time Djinnn Oshannus managed to avoid a few attacks. Shieldbearer was knocked out easily after Shieldbearer was out, Pelacor became the target for Deeplurker and easily knocked out.

As my all my team members were still alive, it became very easy to take out weak range and magic cards. Deeplurker took out Chaos Knight and Time Mage got to the first place and Potal Spinner with only 1 hit point was left.

It took just once to knock out both Time Mage and Portal Spinner by Diemonshark due to it's Trample ability.

Did my Strategy Worked?
I think my strategy worked, Rune Crafter did double damage to Shieldbearer. Djinn Oshannus avoided two attacks from Pelacor Arbalest . Diemonshark used it's Trample ability was a kind of bonus though.

Please check the battle link here

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Thanks for viewing my post. Have fun playing splinterlands. Splinterlands ကစားရင်း အမောပြေနိုင်ကြပါစေလို့ .. နောက်နေ့ပြန်ဆုံကြမယ်နော်...

Have a good one.

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