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This is @from-mars, this is sort of late introduction. According to Hive, I joined this network since September 2021. I didn't join Hive because I read and know about Hive blockchain. In fact, I like to play games and start to know about blockchain based games and no wonder, I read about Splinterlands and started learning Splinterlands battles. I like the game and bought the spell book, and then I was connected to Hive. Hive blockchain serve me several ways, like, Splinterlands, @actifit and now @ecency. I read a few things on Hive blog and one day, I read this old post about what Hive users should do in their first few weeks, and one of them is introduce yourself.

Speaking of introduction, I remember when we were young we memorize this essay, "Myself".


My name is Maung Hla, my parents are U Ba and Daw Mya. I am in the fifth standard. blah blah...

Every single school teach the same and when we were in the exam, we all became Maung Hla 😂. No wonder our country's English proficiency is very low. And I hope you forgive me for my not so good English.

I want to introduce my self but still want to be anonymous or pseudonymous, so, please know me as Mg Hla 😁. I would say I am a crypto/blockchain/DLT enthusiasts, or love disruptive technologies. I had many missed opportunities, I missed Google, I missed Tesla, I missed when Bitcoin was like $450.
There was once, I watch this movie that I can't remember the name or other things about movie, but what I remember is the guy from the future asked the guy from the past to remember "Yahoo!". Since then, I started study about stocks especially technology related stocks and realized the opportunities and as said, later, my focus is on disruptive technologies. The financial infrastructure in our country, Myanmar(Burma), back then was very primitive and I had no access to those services at that time. And, this time, I am riding along this crypto wave and hope to benefit from it as well as contribute. One of my dream is to setup/create own token for communities in our country and now, I am exploring the possibilities.
And I am very happy to be part of this community.

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