WOOD NYMPH - Weekly Challenge!

Another week another weekly battle challenge, this time the card in question is the wood nymph

AbilitiesTank Heal/ Gains Strengthen at level 6

All friendly Monsters have increased Health
Restores a portion of the Monster in the first position's health each round, Restores 1/3 of the max health, rounded up

Battle rules

SymbolRule Effect
The Trample ability can trigger multiple times per attack if the trampled Monster is killed.
All monsters get the Divine Shield ability. The first time the Monster takes damage from a monster it is ignored. It works in Earthquake but NOT Noxious Fumes.

Total Mana : 32
Usable elements : Fire, Earth

Team Composition

Position: Main Tank

Unicorn Mustang has a pretty high health pool at 10, a decent amount of speed at 4 and a good attack value at 3, most importantly it has the void ability which reduce magic attack damage taken by 1, very useful as the available elements are Earth and Fire and earth contains many magic damage dealers, also the high health pool will fair much better with the tank heal set up that we are gonna run.

Position: SubTank

Failed Summoner is very effective against magic damage teams due to its ability which will reflect damage back to the attacker if hit by magic damage, has a low cost of 2 mana and has 4 health which can be used to delay attackers.

Position: Support/Filler

Creeping Ozze was used as I was running out of mana but it also helps to reduce the enemy's team speed by 1 with its ability, has a mana cost of 1 but has no attack and only 1 health, mainly used for its ability.

Position: Support

The star of the challenge used to use this card a lot when it was the only Tank Heal Earth unit available, good for low cost matches as it cost 4 mana and does 1 magic damage has low health at 2 but great for healing the tank.

Position: Support

Goblin Psychic the new chaos legion tank heal, cost 2 more mana than the wood nymph but comes with an addition 1 damage and health, using both at the same time makes the front liner much harder to kill.

Position: Range Damage

Goblin Tower is pretty expensive to use but has blast which is very useful in matches comes with 2 range damage at 1 speed with 3 armor and 4 health, if the opponent uses Unicorn Mustang as their main tank, this unit will be able to heavily damage it plus its blast can help reduce the 2nd in line's health as well.

Now on to the Battle

Looking at my opponent's lineup being more range heavy than magic, I wondered if it was possible for me to win this round, luckily the ruleset help in this case by giving each unit a holy shield that prevents an instants of damage

As you can see my Unicorn Mustang is still at full health even after the whole round due to the double tank heals and that 2 of the opponent's units have the snipe ability which will target from the 2nd position onwards and the opponent's magic damage dealer are doing no damage to my Unicorn Mustang, the blast from Goblin Tower is helping to remove the holy shield from the opponents team allowing the Unicorn Mustang to inflict damage without wasting a turn.

As they did not have any Tank Heal units their Unicorn Mustang was the first to fall while mine was still at full health due to the heals but my Failed Summoner did get killed after tanking those range snipe shots

The last round, their reminding units were all range units once they reached the front they were unable to attack resulting in an easy sweep of the team.

Did your strategy work?

The double tank heal did work out in this case as they did not have any unit that could cause AFFLICTION which would have negated my ability to heal plus they did not focus their damage on my tank allowing it to heal back all the damage taken. A downside to both my tank heal units were their slow speed so if the opponent had units that had high damage and are very fast it might be possible to burst down my Unicorn Mustang

What will you try differently next time?

Maybe I use the new chaos legion taunt tank instead of the Unicorn Mustang, as tank heals can only heal the front unit and tank healers are kinda squishy if they were targeted they could be killed quite fast, units with OPPORTUNITY could kill my tank healers fast as they are one of the lowest health units in the team setup.

Do you like the "WOOD NYMPH"? Why or why not?

I do like the Wood Nymph as it a great card to use as it provides tank heal at a lower cost than the Goblin Psychic, so it could be used in lower mana battle where maybe a tank heal would allow you to win the battle.

Well I had fun doing this week's challenge, wood nymph was a card i used a lot when I first started splinterland as earth at that time countered the water magic team well.

Thanks for the battle challenge curation team

Link to the Battle: https://splinterlands.com?p=battle&id=sl_21d1672d7b32f86c6056e7eb503cebb5&ref=dotz132

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