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Hello friends!
I dont know how long i play OCEAN PLANET game, i start game to play and earn and i invest some money in game, but actualy i dont earn nothing OUT of game like HIVE, or cryptex 24 on hive. No earn and i stil play because i like game. This is something like fishing (mining). You catch trash from ocean and sell that trash in town to get crypto name cryptex 24. But that cryptex from game cant withdrow on hive anymore, why i dont know. Later dont know when team will make withdrow on site cryptex24.io that is something like exchanges. Also i think need to have 1000 cryptex 24 in game to withdrow it to that exhange plus you need to have certificate for that (you can buy with hive or wax).
I spend all my cryptex24 in game, because i buy some upgrades for faster mining. Also i bought some boats on WAX i mean atomic hub market. I need 2 more upgrades on my ships, and that is HOOK or MAGNET and i need 10 HBD on hive or 2000 cryptex in game market or around 5 usd in wax on atomic hub market. So best and cheapest option is buy on wax market. I also bought boats from wax market.


Bubble is starting boat and have only 1 spot for upgrade, and you can see that basic boat have 100 energy. Ghost ship is my last bought boat and have 175 Energy on it that is a lot! Also i have one more boat in town, i refil energy on it and need wait 10h to make it full. So what is point to have more boats?
More boats more energy for mining!


I bought also pass to unlock one more map for mining that is HIGHWAY and pass for mining in center. That cost 500+500 cryptex i think but i bought one in game second on wax market. So i need one more certificate to buy, and i have pass for any map for mining.


Right now i have 1.16 cryotex 24 in game, and 568 chimps food for speedup boat if make road to town or fields. I will try to make report in 7 days what i make or made or what i bought.

PS. If you hunt money, evade this game this is not for you. If you like game, you can play for free, you have starting boat and you can see how game looks, but you cant sell mining materials before you invest 5 HBD. I promote game because i like it and i have fun to play it. Who knows mabey one day this game can make money and can become real play2earn game, for now is play2fun.


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