"Capturing the moment" [Entry to LTC#149 contest]

I've waited a week for the sun to show up and I'm glad that it did today. It's been raining and cloudy in the past week... it wasn't a good week for my planned photowalk. That's why I felt relieved to see that the rain has passed and I'm having good weather today. The first on my list is to take photos of clouds for the Love The Clouds community because the current contest #149 is about to close for submission.

I took a bunch of photos of the clouds over me but I already selected a few to show in this post. Among these photos, the first photo is the one that interests me the most. The approach that I did here is to show a simple composition... the cloud formation with the blue sky as its background (a minimal approach); it's less busy compared to the other photos.

The rest of the photos that I took shows other things like electrical wires, trees, and leaves to create a frame for the subject (the clouds).

These next images show how quickly the weather changes... there is already a dark cloud creeping into the frame. It seems that this good weather won't stay that long. That's why I had to rush back home because I didn't bring with me an umbrella or a raincoat. The rainy season is upon us and so it's not going to be easy for me to go with the usual spots that I got to for my photography.

The rainy season could be a good opportunity for me to shoot different subjects like the rain (obviously), new insects or even worms, and water dews or rain droplets.

Have a great day!

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