A Cloudy Day

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I woke up to a cloudy day. Usually, after a while, the clouds will disperse and it will all be clear again. Sometimes, it’s mist from the Costa del Sol and when the sun appears, it will all clear up. However, on this particular day, it was cloudy throughout the day. Since I love watching clouds, I decided to take a few pictures and follow their progress.

When the sun came over the balcony and it was still cloudy, I hoped that there would be another natural light show. At one point, it looked like there was going to be one. Unfortunately, more clouds came along and covered up the sun. If the clouds were thin and loose, there would be another spectacular play of the sun rays on the clouds, providing a natural light show which I always find awesome – magical even.

But, it was not to be. The clouds persisted into the night. Here are some photos I took, following the clouds through the day.



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