'Love The Clouds' Contest! #190 -Such Beautiful Clouds Today

Sunset last night

Couds surrounding the sun as it set last night

What a beautiful sky today. Cyprus has been so hot this year and usually the sky is cloudless.

The past couple of days we have experienced small showers of rain, very much appreciated by the dry gardens, I would imagine.

I was lucky enough to go on two walks today. One with my son, this morning and an afternoon walk with my daughter.

The sky was truly beautiful and I cannot believe the variety of clouds I saw in the sky. Some were long and thin, some were round and fluffy and some were looking like rain clouds. The sun is setting early now and as the sun was going down, the sky was turning pink and again, the shapes and sizes were immeasurable.

I'm truly in awe and I remembered this lovely Love the Clouds community that my friend, @olgavita and I always used to post in. We loved talking about the shapes and what they made us think of. We saw all sorts of animals and objects in the sky. it was a lot of fun.

What an absolute variety of clouds in one picture

Pinks and Oranges on the drive home

White and fluffy above and looks like a fire burning ahead

Earlier today - coffee with my son and rain clouds looming

Last night there was a full moon and we parked at the beach front to get a good view.

Full Moon

Thank you @tobetada for a great community and competition.

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