The Beaver [VIDEO]


The Beaver (Castor canadensis) is part of the rodent family and is actually the largest rodent in North America. They are common in lakes and streams all over Canada but can also be found as far south as northern Mexico. Their Scientific name actually comes from the sweet smelling castoreum secreted from glands near the base of their tails. This castoreum has had many uses over the centuries, from medicinal uses to perfumes. It has also been used as a food additive, most famously as a substitute for vanilla.

We camped in a beautiful free-camp in Ontario for two nights back in May where we were joined for dinner each evening by a family of beavers. They spent a few hours feasting on a tree they had felled behind our camp. The tree was about a meter from our van and we still wonder if it was there when we arrived or if they felled it in the night.
During dinner time one of the adult beavers would wander up the bank, chew off a branch, then drag it down for the rest of the family to enjoy. In case you were wondering, beavers chew really loudly! haha! But they still make great company at dinner.

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