Amazing nature # Landscape curation report # 12

For all fans of the Community of Amazing Nature lovers

Hello Nature Lovers

The strengthening of the 12th Amazing Nature Landscape competency selection result is very satisfying from the results of the @tinta-tertuang curator selection by the Amazing Nature Landscape team, for the sake of harmony for fans of amazing nature landscapes. In the previous article to confirm the selection results, it has been 9 weeks since ANC adopted the new concept and decided to vote positively on articles and photos randomly selected by myself @tinta-tertuang. So my job is to introduce you to some of the authors and their contributions from the ANC Landscape field.

Many of the articles I found in the Amazing Nature community were very memorable and your photos in the landscape competition organized by ANC chairman @adalger. And I have several options, for articles and photos selected by @tinta-tertuang :-).


Amazing nature # Nature photography # December is a prolonged rainy season [IND]

By @opick


the light of the setting sun at the end of the beach

By @jasomunapase


zawitać życzymy spokojnych , zdrowych , pełnych nadziei Świąt 🌲🎅❤😘.
By @renatakersik



One day I will go for a walk again
By @jimiz



The photo. Morning of a winter day
By @antikus369


Sunset : Nature Canvas

By @suzn.poudel



And this is the result of administrative selection for the author of an article that deserves the attention of the Amazing Nature team and gets an upvote from the Amazing Nature (ANC) community.

A special thanks to #OCD for curating and supporting the Amazing Nature Community.

  • As what conditions are included in the competency of the Amazing Nature landscape - in the selection.?

  • Posts must be written, especially in the Amazing Nature community. Your real landscape photo, a catchy and clear description of what is around you.

  • Paste more photos of the landscape scenery to make sure that this is a purely yours.

What is excluded from the election?

Entries for lanskape Extraordinary Nature Contest (this will be highlighted in the competition evaluation) non-original photos and photos with no visible description. The Community of Amazing Nature regularly appreciates your articles and photos. Therefore, pay attention to the following rules, to get the attention of the Amazing Nature team.


As you have just read, I am trying to keep the competitive conditions in line with the decision of the ANC leader from @adalger. There were minor adjustments for the announcement and stoppage of the competition round.

The Photography Landscape Challenge will be announced every Sunday, West Indonesia time starting today.

Two moderators of Amazing Nature Team have a weekend vacation to welcome Christmas, namely @redheadpei as a botany moderator and @nelinoeva as a zoology moderator. Both of them will resume seats in the upcoming 2021.



The Amazing Nature Community team is pleased with your interest in nature and welcomes all ORIGINAL articles and photos. At the same time, however, he points out that there is no place for PLAGIATES in the community.


The banner @barbara-orenya

Regards @tinta-tertuang

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