Nature: You’re hurting me

Though I have no leg, I run faster than an Olympic medalist. I am slow to anger but brutal when angry. I don’t just pour out my anger on humans, I give them signs and warnings but most often than not they disregard my warnings and as their nature, they look for who to blame.

I serve so many purposes to man, they ride by back to move from one country to the other with the heavy pieces of equipment they call ships and cargoes, I don’t complain. They explore the deepest part of me for their amusement, though few truly care to know more about me, their kids play around my band and they seek different types of food from my inhabitants, and different types of sports can be carried out on my back, instead of complaining, I rise in my full glory and shower them with droplets of my tears of joy, the smile I see on their face each time they do this brings more joy into my heart.

I can say it clearly that I’m arguably the biggest blessing to man but I repeat my anger can be brutal. Not a day will go by without them using some part of me for their everyday activity. The baker needs a little bit of me, the laundry man needs me, the chefs can’t do without me, the blacksmith needs me to cool down the hot melting iron- it hurts but I don’t complain. Both young and old need me, sometimes I’m trapped in a little bottle with a rope, I smile happily when the kids run around with the bottle, the way I shake in the bottle marvels them, when they are tired just my touch on their skin relieves them.

However, with so many functions and ways I serve man without complaining, one would think they will hold me in high regard, one would think they will do their best to care for me since they’re my custodian. Maybe I’m expecting too much from men, but I see how they cherish, maintain and use their cars and other appliances. These are things that doesn’t serve as much purpose as I do, yet they think of how to keep them in shape always but treat me with negligence.


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They pour chemicals into me, my throat burn and the inhabitants in my belly die, they feed on these inhabitants, yet kill them in such a manner. **They pour plastic and all form of dirt **into me, I stink of waste. What they don’t know is that my well-being is their well-being. When they taste my poisoned form they fall sick, the poison they created by pouring chemicals and waste into me.

They sand-fill my banks, pushing me back just to build their mansions and big hotels, but all in the name of agriculture they cut down trees without replanting them, thereby providing an alternative route for me. Remember I said I’m faster than an Olympic medalist, I only need an unattended route to ply.


Polythene and other dirt thrown into rivers trap the fishes and kill them

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What about when it showers? I pour from heaven blessing them with my cool nature, I find a way to move to my home but they block my part, they pour dirt in drains and gutter. I can’t just stay there and watch I find an alternative route, sometimes this might be through their precious building, I'll flood their street and send them packing from their homes. They'll call me names and even blame it on God but deep down they know they are at fault, but they will never admit it.

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I don’t attack without prior notice. I give signs of things to come, those who listen and amend their ways live peacefully with me and those who don’t are constantly at the receiving end of my wrath. I love humans, after all, they are my custodian, I hate hurting them but I can only refrain from hurting them if they stop hurting me. I hope they hear my cries before it’s too late.

Author’s Pov

Every day we destroy mother earth with our activities and negligence. The sea is just one of many aspects of nature we are destroying every day. We pour dirt, plastic and chemicals into rivers, we cut down trees (deforestation) without planting another, and the rivers stink, polluting the air in the process but we humans act like we don’t care.


Some animals die from eating these wates thrown into the sea.

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The warning signs are there: global warming, climate change, flood and more, the earlier we start doing the right thing, the better. This isn’t just the work of the government or organization, we all have a role to play. Plant trees, clear gutters and drains, and stop throwing waste and plastic into the ocean. Hopefully, we shall win this battle together.

Thanks for Reading!

This is just an article about the Sea, river, streams and others, there are other aspects of nature humans need to work better on, someday I’ll write about each of them.

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