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Maybe I haven’t mentioned this bit about myself before, but I love taking random pictures of nature. I don’t come out looking forward to or hoping to capture some shots, but I utilize the opportunity if I see things that catch my eye.

Now originally, I would use these as my participations in @phortun’s nature challenge posts, but seeing that they’re more than a week old, I’d be dishonest if I submitted them as an entry. So instead of leaving them waste away in my gallery, I’ll put them here. For those with a little of background story, I’ll tell you about about the circumstances under which I captured them. I hope you guys like them.

Wave of clouds

I call this a wave because the clouds appear to form a kind of wave just behind the forest here, and the bright light of the sun helps produce the details. I took this shot on my way to a lecture a couple weeks back. If you notice, I played around with the colors, contrast and other stuff about the pictures.

Bat In The Blue

I just point my camera up and shoot the blue sky when I notice a cloud pattern I like. When I shot something like this two weeks ago, I noticed later that in the far distance, there was a bat flying by as I hit click. You won’t be able to see it unless you zoom in properly. At a glance, it just looks like a dot or insignificant piece of the picture, but a zoom in gives you this small bit of detail that makes you appreciate the picture more even after you zoom out. Do you see it?

For these 2 shots, I honestly had different plans. I wanted to use it to participate in a contest by galenkp in the weekend experience community. As you may well know, he releases a theme to write on during the week every every week and the theme for that particular week(I think that was 2 weeks ago) was Blue or Green I think. Like I said, I planned to use this picture as an entry because the guideline for the challenge stated you use a single picture taken by yourself in which blue is the prominent color. These 2 pictures qualified. Why didn’t I use them then? There wasn’t much to write, and I don’t like making posts with less than 200 words. Haven’t made one so far, don’t plan to anytime in the future.

Midnight Snail

I found this little fella here on my way back from class one night during my exam. It was pretty late and dark so I almost stepped on him. Glad I didn’t. That would’ve been awful. Since it’d been a while since I shot a snail, I thought it’d be cool to shoot him. Anyone that saw me must’ve thought I was crazy, squatting in the middle of the road taking a picture of a snail at midnight.


One thing that’s very common around here during the rainy season is large gatherings of centipede armies just after it rains. Some elderly people around here use earthworms as a sign of pending rain. For some reason, they believe that when earthworms come on top of the surface under conditions you’d consider weird like say a hot sunny afternoon for example, it’s because they sense rain and yearn for it. Hey, don’t shoot the messenger.

I have so many shots of centipede pictures it’s difficult to keep count. Some of my friends say it’s gross photographing them and some even hate me for using them as my phone’s wallpaper. I just don’t find it gross on my phone’s wallpaper. This one here was one of my centigang shots as my wallpaper somewhere along the ending of last Month.


Until I saw this little fella here, it’s been almost 3 years since I last saw a live scorpion. Some people will consider me standing there to take this picture brave or stupid. I can totally understand. What I didn’t realize when I was taking these shots was that the scorpion was charging towards me, but I was too busy looking at it from my phone’s camera trying to get my shot I didn’t notice how close it had gotten. Luckily though, nothing happened. I got my shot and he disappeared before I could find him again.

I really want to keep this nature photography post thing going every week, but like I said, I only do it when I see things that catch me eye. So if I do keep seeing eye-catching stuff, this series might just live:)

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