My Introductory Post and my 6-month fuck up story of how I spent myself broke.

Hello Hive community, everyone is probably laughing at my username because it sounds maybe a little bit sad and funny at the same time. I assure you from my part, it’s all sadness and maybe only a little funny. I’ll give you a background of why I chose this username first but I’ll tell you my real name first. I’m Hamza. My friends just call me Zology. It’s a nickname for Hamzas around here. I’ll be 21 in September and I’ll also be graduating with a Bsc Biochemistry degree in September. It’ll be good to hold on to this information because you might not think I’m such a smart ass by the time you’re done reading this.


Now about the story behind my username. 6 months ago, let’s just say I happened to have been lucky enough to have about close to 800$. That might not be a lot of money to you but where I come from, it sure as hell is. That’s not the point though. So what did I do with my 800$ and what relation does it have with my username? Well I’m sure you guessed it but you’re still missing a few chapters of the story.

I basically just went on a spending spree buying lots of shit I didn’t need. At the time my spending was backed by the fact that I was making a “stable” 15$-20$” everyday because I joined a ponzi scheme that was working magic at the time. If you know anything about ponzi schemes, then you’ll know I was about to have the worst financial experience of my life in the next couple of months. It was all puppies and rainbows until my source of “stable” income, my ponzi scheme collapsed. I don’t think it’ll be of any use if I mentioned the name of the ponzi scheme because I’m pretty sure you’ve never heard of it anyways. But I’m telling you a story about my life so I might as well just do since I’ll be using it for future references anyways. The ponzi was called CG. Your chances of having come across this ponzi scheme increases significantly if you’re from Africa or somewhere around Pakistan.

After CG collapsed(I was down to around 400$ by the time CG collapsed because a chunk of my money was still in it when it did, and I had just bought an iPhone 11 pro max which I’m still using), I was basically hopping from ponzi scheme to ponzi scheme to at least keep making a “stable” income to keep my new luxurious lifestyle going. One thing about luxury I’ve learned, you never want to stop after you’ve started enjoying it. I joined about 3 more different ponzi schemes with more and more of my money burning for every new ponzi I join.

Finally, the part that has to do with my username. After several ponzi schemes ripped me of my money and left me broke with a luxurious and expensive lifestyle, I stumbled upon Binance futures. Well I actually first tried Binary Options.


This was a whole other series of events where I deposited my money into a broker called OlympTrade and almost couldn’t get my money back out. It was stressful as fuck. I sent them several mails and ended up threatening them with going to the SEC or something if I didn’t get my funds. (this was a bluff. I don’t even know how the SEC operates, but OlympTrade didn’t know I was bluffing either.)

I paid some “expert” at Binary Options who allegedly would give me signals to place orders on Olymptrade and make “stable” profits monthly. This obviously ended in a scam and disappointment or I wouldn’t be here venting and crying lol.


“You definitely shouldn’t trust anyone labelled scam on telegram” Yh no shit for some reason it wasn’t there the first time I texted him and only came up like a few hours after I had already sent money from my account.


Now to the Binance futures. You’ll most likely say I don’t learn my lessons but I also just paid a Binance futures “expert” last month to trade with their signals and let me tell you it is the worst decision of my life so far. The signals they give 80% of the time hit Stop Losses and it doesn’t help that they make you use 20% leverage with their stop losses very far from entry prices. With the volatility in this current bear market, their stop losses almost always hit with the slightest movement and your money is burnt to fucking ashes.


All of the signals you see in the screenshot above are from midnight last night and all their stop losses hit before it was daybreak today. Smh I’m fucked.

As I write this, I have only 107$ left in my Binance account with a fear that I’m going to kiss my dream of turning my life around by the end of this year goodbye. That’s how my username is @depressedfuckup

About me and my Family

Like I said earlier, my name is Hamza, I’ll be 21 in September. I am the 10th child in a family of 21 children. I know, this sounds unbelievable but I shit you not. My dad has 3 wives, 5 if you count the deceased. This explains why there are so many of us. It’s not normal in certain parts of the world to have this many wives or kids but it is in my part of the world. We’re muslims and islam has no problem with the number of wives a man can take, though the advised is a maximum of 4.

From my mothers side, I have 4 siblings and I’m the last born. I have 2 big sisters and two brothers. My mother is no longer with us, (God have mercy on her souls) and so my siblings and I take care of each other. My dad is not very involved in our(my direct siblings and I) financial care because there’s too many of us and my siblings are a lot more established and successful than my other step siblings.

At the moment, I’m the only one of my siblings from my mother living in our house. My brothers and sisters moved out after they all got married. My dad doesn’t like me traveling because he thinks I’m not going to want to come back home if I see a lot of the world(and he’s right to think so). I don’t feel like I fit in in my community sometimes. It’s like everybody else think different.





My dad is a farmer so we’re a busy family during the farming season between April-August.

My Hobbies

It’s funny that one of my hobbies is what fucks me up the most. As much as I enjoy crypto and digging into stuff about crypto, this is my bane. The problem with me mostly is I FOMO in and out of things so I’m usually fucked by the time I calm down and actually do the research.

This one is more of a lifestyle but I LOVE watching movies at my free time. On a normal, l’m more of a Scifi guy and sometimes maybe romance and comedy when I’m moody. My all time favorite Scifi movie is Inception, one of the best performances of Leonardo DiCaprio. I like Titanic for a moody day but All The Bright Places is pretty great too.


I go swimming once a while with my friends when we’re on holidays. We go to a pool, take a dive and branch it into lunch or something where we talk and catchup on stuff.


I am also generally into anything concerning the latest piece of Tech. It surprised most of my friends that I’m not a Computer Science student because of my obsession with computers and Tech. I’m the Biochemistry student with a weird interest in computers. You could say I wasn’t quiet sure what I wanted to do with my life when I went to University and it was later along the line I realized my passion and love for Tech. I love Biochemistry though.

My Education

I read Biochemistry at University for Development Studies(UDS) in Ghana. Most people don’t believe it when I say I’ll be graduating at 21. It is not something you find very common around here for people my age to be graduating University. I’ll explain.

We have basically 4 levels you need to go through in the educational system in Ghana to be able to call a yourself a “Graduate”. There’s primary school which has 6 levels or classes so that takes 6 years of your life. Then there’s Junior High School, 3 years, Senior High School also 3 years, and University or College which is 4 years. So for standard, you spend like 16 years in the school system.

In my city, some parents send their kids to Nursery school before they go to primary school, I was one of such kids and I spent 2 years there. Parents normally do not send their kids to school until they’re at least 4 around here. I don’t know why my mom put me in school earlier. We didn’t get to have that conversation before she left us. I’m thankful she did though(put me in school early). I have been promoted several times in my schooling career so I didn’t sit through all the classes, skipped a few so that explains why I’m here at 21.

“Okay so how did this fuck up find out about Hive then?” Well I had created a hive account already a couple of months back with username @zology69 but I stopped blogging the past few months because I had exam then and that was also when my ponzi schemes were paying at its peak. I intend on starting fresh with this account because my content will be different now. I’ll be posting and engaging with content about futures trades. The trades I post will be backed by technical analysis(yes this fuck up knows how to do technical analysis and read charts) and I would love to hear the communities thoughts on my content.

I also will still be sharing about my life and the things I do daily when I have free time so that the community can see that maybe I’m not such a total fuck up. When I’m not being a massive dumbshit, I hit the gym, watch movies, go swimming or be a Bsc Biochemistry student that graduates in September this year.



If anyone knows an alternate way I could consistently grow my 100$ by even 2$ daily, that would be super super appreciated. And this is not so I can continue living my luxurious lifestyle but because I’m a student and in some deep shit financially at this point.

I’ll be reading comments and I really really hope people leave me with suggestions and their thoughts in the comments. Thanks for reading. I’ll see you around.

Ps: the first picture of me with a downcut is me right now and where I’ve grown my hair is me back then.

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