Graffiti Lettering Contest #20 (SWORD)

Hi @trippymane I hope this well, I am Edioretza, it is the first time I participate in your initiative, I find it super interesting to do graffiti, drawing letters reads easy but often it is not and much less for a beginner like me, I like lettering and I have made some attempts at basic letters and I am still in the learning process.


For my graffiti (sword) the first thing I did was to draw the letters and the disposition in which each letter would go, once it was ready, I continued with the detail of the sword that I placed it in the letter "O" in addition to adding detail of floor with crack, and other linear forms.


Then with a black fine tip marker I marked the shapes of the letter and the sword to start with the application of the color. I was not sure what color to apply and I decided to apply three colors to the letters in an attempt to make a gradient, I used pink, purple and blue, with some watercolor colors, and I used them for the first time with this graffiti.


I was not sure how these colors were but I really liked the effect with the water, I applied the color and then with the wet brush I passed them through the color and made the gradient or as I said at the beginning I tried to do it.


Here you can see the difference between the dry color and after applying with a little water.


After I finished applying color to the letters I continued with the background that I decided for an orange color in the shape of a cloud, I also used watercolor.

Continue with the sword that I used normal color and also watercolor, plus a little black very subtle in the part of the crack, and then apply black marker for the shadows.


To finish the lines I applied a fine tip marker, also yellow chalk above the orange color although it is little perceived in the photo, and with corrector in pencil a bit of light.

I hope you like it, my first participation in your initiative ... Greetings



The images are my property, taken with my Realme c11 phone.
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