A Dreem Come True!

This challenge is a real dreem come true for me. I love both Dreemport and Ecency. Both are focused on engagement, fun, community, and growth.

I was privileged to be around to witness the birth of our beloved Dreemport. It came into being because @dreemsteem saw a need for a platform unlike any other. A place that would allow friendships and exploration across multiple platforms, without prompting anyone to focus less on their chosen home.

Also thanks to one of the Dreemport family, @sofs-su , I was introduced to a wonderful weekly contest called Let Our Picture Tell Your Story. I now host it click here to join the fun .

Let Our Picture Tell Your Story was also my first experience with Ecency, and Melinda. I will forever be grateful for that connection!

Ecency is different from other frontends in that it focuses on, and rewards engagement. Comments made using Ecency earn the user points, which have many purposes. Here is a screenshot of mine:

These points can be used to boost a post, which means a sizable upvote. This is not guaranteed, but should the request be denied, your points will be returned in full.

You may also use them to promote your post. What this means is that it will appear in various feeds, which means people will see the title and cover image.

Perhaps the best way to use them is to spread some love! You can gift your points to others, or even use them as a contest prize.

If you would like to learn more about Dreemport, just ask me!

To learn more about this challenge, click here to join the fun

Cover image made in Canva. Images belong to Dreemport and Ecency

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