On your mark, Dreemers! July is HERE!!! Are you ready for Ecency?

I've waited long enough!

Now it's time to get your minds ready, your drive activated, and your engagement fired up!

I was going to wait until tomorrow to post this - but there are so many people who are waiting to get the details for this next week and want to prepare - I thought, IT'S TIME!!!

So - without further ado - let's get started!!!


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I can't say anymore than that! Most of you continue to comment about not knowing all these special little perks of using Ecency - so what better time than to give it a proper trial run, than our Challenge?? Just go for it!!!

Here are the details: PLEASE DO NOT SKIM! PLEASE READ!!!

This looks like a lot of instructions - but don't worry, when you read it - you'll see how easy it is! hehehee

  • If you want to join in, please COMMENT at the end of this post and simply say "This dreemer is in!". You can write more - but make that your first statement so we don't miss it!

  • TAKE A SCREENSHOT - FIRST THING MONDAY MORNING (THE SOONER ON MONDAY, THE BETTER) OF YOUR CURRENT ECENCY POINTS. (If you need help locating this - please join the ECENCY SERVER and tag @melinda010100 or @beeber for help!

  • You will write a post (and include that screenshot of any points you have) introducing yourself to the community! Make it fun! Tell us what you are like! Maybe give us 3 fun facts about yourself? hehehe Let us feel your excitement for this month's challenge!

  • You will be partnered with someone this whole week! Because teams make challenges the most fun! hehehe It will be random- but we would love to pair one dreemer with one ecency member! And get to know each other! We will announce the pairings on Monday!

  • You will be working as a team - AND you will be starting WITHOUT knowing who you're partnered with! hehehe Just publish your first post on Hive (as mentioned above), making sure to show us your screenshot - and THEN SUBMIT THAT POST URL TO DREEMPORT If you need help with that - check the BOTTOM of this post for a step-by-step guide!

  • Finally - We are doing something NEW for our dreem tokens this week! If you and your partner submit a post on Monday - your dynamic duo team will earn normal Dreem tokens. On the 2nd consecutive day - if you both submit - you earn DOUBLE tokens! Third consecutive day - both submit? TRIPLE tokens, and so on. If you or your partner miss a day - you'll reset back to normal tokens and grow from there! The posts from Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday can be ANY topic of your choice! New posts are preferred, but if you want to submit an old one - that's fine too!

  • Can DreemPort staff participate? YEP! As usual, your rankings will be pulled from the Top Daily 5 - but you can STILL join in the fun if you like!

VERY VERY IMPORTANT! Our screeners spend a lot of time screening every post, running it through plagiarism checks and verifying your images. We cannot accept your post if you plagiarize (obviously) and we cannot accept posts with images we can't easily verify. PLEASE CITE THE ACTUAL SOURCE of your commercial-free images - OR simply inform us if they are your own photos!

  • On FRIDAY - publish your CHALLENGE POST on HIVE (in the @ecency community if you like!) and add a screenshot of your NEW Ecency point balance. Tell us HOW DID YOU LIKE YOUR WEEK USING ECENCY? Did you learn new things about your partner? Did you talk to them in the comment section? Support their posts? Hang out in discord at all?

  • DO NOT FORGET to submit that post URL to DreemPort by 5pm PST - in order to get in before the deadline! Remember that the site is automated and closes submissions right on time!


Image from Pixabay

I know, I know, I know.... it LOOKS like a lot of details to remember - but just use this post as your cheat sheet! It's pretty easy, taking it one day at a time! hehehe

Also - I will be in the Ecency server tomorrow, hosting a "Ask Dreem questions about the Challenge" time! lol Dreemers usually are very familiar with the DreemPort process - but new dreemers in the Ecency server might need some more help! So I'm coming to you guys to answer your questions! ❤️

ok - now that you read it.... are you in???

Tell me so in the comment section so I can start compiling our list and partnering you up!!!! hehehehe


What do you think? Ready for this week?

Hope to help you connect with MORE readers through DreemPort!

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