Introducing Dreemport

The Ecency Discord Posting Topic for Week 27 is all about Dreemport. I thought it would be good to share my journey so far with Dreemport.

What is Dreemport?

In a nutshell, Dreemport is a curation platform that allows you to submit your own writing to be curated as long as you also curate other people's writing.

I came across Dreemport after reading the excellent review of Dreemport by @jane1289 .

What attracted me to Dreemport was that it allows you to submit your work across many platforms such as Hive, and Publish0x. This has a way of bringing many authors and curators together who might not have much contact with each other otherwise.

I was also interested to get to read some content each day that I might not normally read. I thought this was a fair exchange for submitting an article of my own for curation.

What has been my experience until now?

I am in my third month with Dreemport and it has been great to get to know many people in the community and get some feedback on my submissions. The community is very friendly and welcoming. I dropped into the Discord group now and again and there are usually people there for a chat, both friendly and welcoming.

On Thursdays, they do a PYPT, which means Pimp Your Post Thursday. This is held in the discord and people submit their posts or a post they like to discuss and share with the community.

I have got to know some of the regular writers with whom I have read their work and they have read mine. It has been fun to engage with them and also to give votes and tips depending on which platform it is.

There are usually themed months where Dreemport collaborates with another community. Up until now I have participated in the Ecotrain collaboration and the current Ecency one. Last month was with Market Friday but I think the girls know more about shopping and I didn't get a chance to participate.

As an extra bonus, I have also earned some DREEM tokens which are in my Hive Engine wallet. These are given to you as a reward for your curation.


The Dreemport community is a keen group of readers and writers and is worthy to join up and participate in. I try to curate most days but only submit an article once or twice per week.

I have found it to be a great place to meet others and increase the number of viewers of your articles.

Thanks for reading.

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