Dreemport - Ecency Fun Month - This Dreemer Is In!!!

I don't know how to explain it but I've been so excited about this month... Too much excited if I can express it more strongly that way. There are three reasons I'm this excited about the month and I'll tell you while you try to give some guesses.

First reason, I'm having super fun with the ecency frontend!!!

Okay, don't look at me like that if you've been using the frontend long before me 😒 even I wish I had been using it and taking note of its amazing features and benefits. Seeing how fast and how much points I get from just having fun with what I normally do on peakD (commenting, voting and posting) makes it really amazing for me... I think ecency just won an addict fan 😬

Second reason, it's about to get down with the collabo between ecency and Dreemport!!!

It's been long coming, every dreemer have been excited about it but can I argue that I am more excited than you all? The partnership coming up, the ecency app introduction, the engagement from you all, the curation and getting to first places... All that is just an intro to what Dreemport is all about. Joining hands with another amazing community (Ecency) means even more fun with personalities like Ma'am Melinda and Beeber (Don't wanna tag).

Well, you are invited to join in this month's fun which you can find in this post Here

Last reason, it's my birth month!!!

Haha, I guess the introduction have started and it's not bad telling you when to get my gifts ready as the first introduction topic 😅 so yeah, I represent July 24th and I have started taking gifts of yours is ready! 😂 Don't look at me like that, I'm only introducing myself here.

So into the main challenge for the day... More Introduction about Merit Ahama... A dreemer with many dreems


She's a Mhizsmiler (simply spelt Miss Smiler) 😅 I don't know how to stay annoyed for long, if I do then you must have to get some cold ice cream and sweet cookies to get me smiling like I'm lying on billions of dollars 😅 well, I mean I'm not hard to please (Ooops! Why did I give that out?) Hey, don't take advantage of me please 🥺

Is there a need to say my name is Dreemer Merit, a lady and a writer? If there is, yes I am all that 🙄

To the fun facts about me...

I paused for some minutes to think of any fun facts about me and I'm still thinking but nothing yet... Let's just chat about other stuffs while I think more about one or two fun facts about me.

Do you know that I can make you laugh but that is after helping you do the laughing?


They will be like "You don't know how to tell a joke! You giggle all the fun out of the joke before the end" . It doesn't mean you won't laugh at my jokes but it won't be the jokes making you laugh, it would be my face that's laughing to those jokes I'm telling.

Pidgin - My laugh go make your laugh to laugh 😂 (In English - My laugh will make you laugh)

So don't blame me when I tell you a joke and you end up laughing because I am laughing, just laugh and let's be happy! 😁

Do you know that I cry when I'm angry or annoyed?

I hope I can still share a fact that was a part of my past. I've outgrown it but that is because I've learnt not to get annoyed too much, I just smile and forget about it.

If not, before now... I would cry so much and when I'm asked what the problem is, I'll be like "He ate my share of the meat in the food, or she is calling me names" 😂 I guess I was just too weak to attack well so I just use tears. I might be fighting back with words trying to save my face but I end up tearing up... Why?! I don't know.

Well, it's a secret so you're not telling anyone. Let's keep it between us 🥺 I've changed now.

Do you know that I take meat as bribe?

Don't ask me what I take the bribe for, just tell me what you need me to do then give me the meat and I'm on it! So long you won't ask me to go steal or kill someone for you... Look at me na! Can I kill insects? 😂

What kind of meat? Any kind so long it's called meat (be it pork, beef, chicken, turkey, goat) just don't give me cat or snake meat... Except I'm done eating it before you tell me 😂 that is if I don't recognise the snake skin 😬

My love for meat can be equal to my love for Dreemport (Oops was I being too extreme with that comparison 🙄) you can bribe me with meat so I can take Dreemport love higher than meat love 😂 what am I saying? Don't mind me dear reader.

And that is the end of the gist, back to the fun facts about me...

Oh no! I got so distracted with the gist and couldn't think of any... Maybe some other time huh?

Hey future partner! Let's have fun, and I can't wait to know who you are.


I've used a lot of my points in the past but I've still got some left to show so don't mind how poor I am now of those points... I plan to grow them from now.



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