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Here I am, ECENCY.

Meet McYusuf!

Image above is the screenshot of my current ecency points balance - [~342] as requested for participation in this week's challenge.

Two hours gone by and I'm still having sixteen words in draft. That's just me - a slowbee. Just so you know as well, I love a particular creature known for being slow.


A Dreemer's Bio

  • I was named Ismaheel and still trying my best to uphold that. Thanks to the ee's, I was a born dreemer and got to join a community of like-minded people.
  • You can find me on Hive as mcyusuf, a proud son of his father.
  • Judging by studies and certification, I ought to be a chemist but got neutralized by the country's situations. It's just too acidic for my base. All I have left are solutions to make use of.
  • Bagged six years experience as a high school teacher and I still suck at expressing how I feel; perhaps I'm the one that needs being taught.
  • Currently, I dreem of owning an integrated farm in pursuit of sustainability and of course, income. Starting out small by focusing on heliculture and the mission continues till I can afford an helicopter and more.


For this week, I do hope to keep the motivation of upping my interaction here on hive. Thanks to DreemPort and Ecency teeming up for the month of July, I hope to make good use of the collaboration and achieve some goals, which includes more ecency points.
Cheers to my partner for this challenge, @juliamulcahy

Enough with the hoping, Thanks for reading through.


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