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Holla amigos 😊, hope you're all having a good day?
Yeah, it's another fun time in the IN THE ECENCY DREEMPORT CHALLENGE! for this week it's gonna be super fun, It has always been fun though .. hehehe

But before I start, I've you ever thought of the benefits of using ecency? One of the beautiful things about it is the point, in case you don't know what means,here is a screenshot.


These points can be useful in so many ways, you can click here to read about it too.

So what's up today?

Yeah, I will be introducing myself to the community and I will also be writing some fun facts about me and it's gonna be just three.


My name is Jacinta Mary, and I'm a student of food science, I'm always driven with a passion of achieving my dreams. Yeah, I do so many things, but the best of it all is Dancing, and I love to sing even though I'm not perfect and yes, you can call them my hobbies.

Three fun facts about me


Do you think it's food? no, I'll rather do fasting, hehehehe🤣
This is something I cannot do without it, I'm so addicted to it that I cannot live a day without it, did I just say a day? a day is too much.

Ho ! you want to know, keep reading!

I don't know how it gonna be if I should stay for a month without it, doubt if I Will be able to cope.

I could remember the day It was stolen from me, it was my careless thought, and it seem as if the world is coming to an end, I was just so lonely even though I'm surrounded by people, my mother will always tell me then " you better Don't kill yourself because of it, see how you're looking miserable because of it" yeah indeed I was looking like a moron hehehe 🤣 . Fortunately for me, I was able to get another one that week and I was so happy to have another one. All those miserable looks just faded away in a twinkle of an eye... Yeah, I was so happy to get a new phone, I don't think I can ever stay a day without my phone.


"Too much intake of this thing is not good for your body, you'll have reduce the way to take them " My answer is always " ok I will" knowing fully well that I'm still going to take it.

There are times I will be at home that I will have to take it secretly because if my mother should see it, she will still scold me as usual .. lol

What I'm talking about here is the intake of SODA, too much of it is very bad, though when I'm taking it, my guilty conscience will always tell me " this thing I'm taking every time is not good" not until one day that it landed me into trouble.

I had a stomach disorder for days, I could not even count the number of times that I had to visit the toilet in a day, but after the occurrence, I stop for a pause for while, then I started again ( Yeah I know it's crazy) I cannot just stop it just like that, but I can reduce the intake of Soda and it is best taken when is chill... lol, I'm not telling you to take Soda


When I was a kid, I always dreamed to work in the medical line, I could remember those days in school when we use to have a career day, I will always dress like a Doctor, yeah I could Remember the song we use to sing then "known as standard living"

But as time goes on, I changed my orientation from a medical line to becoming a food scientist. I Have a Purpose for choosing It and I believe I will achieve my dream and I'm working towards it.

these are some little things about me, and I will love to know a little thing about you in the comments section.

Thanks for visiting my blog.

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