Vote like a whale??? by using Ecency? tell me more!

When I began writing on blockchain back in 2016, I remembered having a vote that was 0.003 USD. 😆

I didn't understand how I would EVER be able to grow enough to have a bigger vote! It seemed so far away! Honestly, I cared MORE about making my vote be valuable than having a POST that was valuable.

I don't know why - it just seemed like I wanted to be able to see someone's post value change - any time I brought my upvote!

Now, I had to quickly adjust my expectations for a bit - and be satisfied with leaving an awesome comment (which I totally loved) and realize that my 100% upvote isn't even going to be visible... YET! LOL ah well, what can you do? lol Just enjoy the interaction, build a tribe, and spread love!

"Eventually, dreemie - you'll have a vote that actually SHOWS when you upvote!"

I can still remember how excited I was to give a 100% upvote that was a penny! Yay!

But think about this...

What if you could have the power of a WHALE VOTE? JUST BY engaging!

You can!

@Ecency awards you points when you use their frontend to post, comment, and even when you just have their frontend open! Yes. I swear! LOL When you keep their frontend open, you get points for having a "heartbeat"! ❤️ hehehe how cool is that???

Now, I know what you're thinking!.. cuz I did too! LOL

"Oh, right. Points? I know how those points work. You have to build up points over months, and then slowly but surely, you can maybe get a 10 cent upvote? Nah, no thanks!"


First - look at how fast you can actually EARN points! This is just over the span of 20 minutes or so! It's about 30 or so points right there!!

screenshot of @dreemsteem's ecency points

"Ok Dreemie -how nice! But the points probably aren't worth so much..."

I'll be honest, I thought the same thing! But one day I happened to decide to go in to boost someone's post. I figured - hmmm it's probably going to use all my points for a little 25 cent boost or something.

But check it out!

screenshot of @dreemsteem's ecency points

For 150 @ecency points - you can give approximately a $1 upvote! and for 500 - you can give approximately a $3.33 upvote!

Do you know how much HP you'd have to have in order to bless someone with that kind of upvote??? LOL a. lot.

But for simply using @Ecency - you get to earn points by doing the things you NORMALLY do on the blockchain! This is YOUR time, YOUR content under YOUR control. Isn't it wise to earn HIVE, AND other tokens too? Might as well! hehehe

So - if you write the content for the HIVE blockchain, post it using Ecency, and then share it with others on DreemPort you're now TRIPLING the tokens that you can earn! for doing... what you ALREADY do!

hehehe - and guess what.... it's gonna get BETTER when we announce the surprises coming next week.

So.... you should just START getting familiar now!

Don't worry - more tips are coming this week on how to earn Ecency points - MORE ways! hehehe

Hope you're ready!!! We are!!!

What do you think? Excited for this collaboration?

Hope to help you connect with MORE readers through DreemPort!

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