Ecency Discord Posting Topic : Newbies

Hello everyone is week 23 of ecency discord posting this week topic is "Newbies" initiated by @beeber .
I joined hive on January 2022, I am still a newbie here.
There are still lots of things to learn.
When my brother @ddn688 introduced to to hive, he helped me with the log in process.
And he said "first you will write an introductory post, check how others did theirs, be creative and don't copy and paste".
He seriously warned me about plagiarism that got me scared.
He relaxed me and said I should just go round and be reading other people work, that I will enjoy it here.
This encouraged me, after my first post that I didn't even get up to $1.


I was little bit concerned maybe I made a mistake, others that wrote together with me at that time had higher votes.
He told me to continue maybe it was my tags that made it.
I saw Freewrite community, I decided to join and engage.
To make it more fun for me it was a daily freewrite with prompt.
Even the Freewrite was difficult for me, I will think and think to imagine a story to fit in the prompt.
I was glad it was just a five minutes write, because I didn't know how to express myself with more words.
I limited myself to contest not that I was very sure of winning, it was because I didn't know the right community to write to, and what exactly I should write about.
And I really don't want to make mistakes that will bring negative comments.
Those contest also didn't require me to write much, because I was scared of falling out of line or lead to doing a little plagiarism.
I enjoyed those contest because it gave me the privilege to engage, with it's detailed guidelines and rules, it made me more relaxed at least following the rules to make an entry won't cause harm.
I think my first win was on ladies of hive community contest.
I was very surprised, I never expected it.
This encouraged me more the comments from other ladies on my post, the welcome comment and others was just too cool.
I wish I knew a right community to post to a sticking thing to, that is very creative then.
But I love those contest because they will construct your writing, making you to think and be able to come up with something not to fall out of line.
I love hive and blogging, it gives me every reason to smile.
I hope to do more better daily and be able to learn a lot of things, and to continue meeting lovely people here as well.

Cheers to a continuous lovely journey here.

Thanks for reading.

Here is a link to the contest rules I know you will love to join.

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