Ecency Discord Posting Topic Week 23: NEWBIES

Making your first steps on the blockchain can be challenging. Anyone who has been here longer remembers that time very well, right? Smoking heads, difficulties in understanding the connections, lots of "aha" moments and questions upon questions. That's quite normal, I think.

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This weeks ecency discord posting topic is:


As always, how you approach the topic is completely up to you. In principle, I see two possibilities:

For middle aged and oldbies:
What would you do differently if you were starting over now? What would you have been happy about if someone had told you sooner? What were your biggest problems back when you were newbies yourself?
Now, youre old and wise, how do you deal with newbies?

For newbies:
How are you doing with blogging on Ecency, what are your biggest problems right now? What have you learned since you've been here?
How and why did you get here?

Note!!!!!! Please don't just copy your Indroduceyourself post and definitely never ever use the tag #introduceyourself a second time. But maybe see it as an opportunity to introduce yourself again in a different form, this time exclusively to the ecency discord family, including your thoughts about the things you already learned.

As always, these are just suggestions! Anything you can think of on the broad topic of "newbies" is of course possible.


  • Use the tag #ecencydiscord
  • Write at least 200 words and make a good content post out of the topic
  • No need to mention that it should be your own content, right?

Why use the #ecencydiscord? First, so we can find you, second, because we want our Discord members to interact more with each other on Chain as well, and this is a possibility to find each other and leaving a nice comment.

How did I come up with this topic? Looking through the last week I noticed more newbies as usual in our ecency discord. The range of asked question is very wide, sometimes similar, but sometimes also surprising new ones.

So I thought, it would be nice to hear something about this topic.

@good-karma and @ecency gave points to give out for those who join into the weekly posting topics! Thank you so much :-)
For their wonderful postings from last weeks topic "good news" each @kaazoom and @jmis101 will receive 50 ecency points.

Thank you for these lovely good news posts from week 22:

Is getting old good news? by @kaazoom

Good Family News by @jmis101

Now we are in week 23 and we have a another posting topic

And now it's your turn:

Come and join in to the Ecency Discord Weekly Posting Topic 23/22


Make a great post, dont forget the tag #ecencydiscord, thats it!

This posting topic is open to everyone, not only for our discord members.

Have fun posting and take the chance to be seen in a quiet chain time :-) Yours, Beeber

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