Name the Ecency Whale!: Bluewhale

This is my participation in the proposal made by @melinda010100 from the original idea of @thekittygirl, to find a name for the Whale from @ecency, for this we must give continuity to the proposed story, which I quote below:

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In the announcement publication @melinda010100 presents us with the beginning of the story that we must complete by recounting how the following events will unfold to demonstrate how the whale saves the day:

The story begins.... We all be sailin' aboard me pirate ship, The Flying Down, with Capt'n Dreemie. Sailin' fast for Thursday's port -but we be headin' for a hidden sand bar! Unbeknownst to any pirate, this sand bar was newly created in the last storm of the area, and if we hit it - we'd be marooned there for days!

Lo and behold - a massive whale starts headin' our way...

"Capt'n! Whale of the port bow! She's headin' straight for us!!!"

Right before she hits me ship - she crests the water - almost takin' flight over the ship! She creates a MASSIVE SPLASH and wave that begins to push our ship out of the way of the sand bar.

"Blow me down!!! She's trying to steer us off course! All hands on deck!!!" I spin the wheel back on course and try to put us towards our treasure destination - heading BACK towards the sand bar.

your mission is to FINISH the story...
and let your readers know how the whale saves the day! Do we make it to the treasure? Most importantly - Name the whale! Give it a special name!!!

When the whale observes that the ship is heading for the sandbank, Bluewhale our hero whale jumped on the ship surprising all its crew members, however the captain continues his course, it was then that the whale began to call his daughters and they immediately saw his help.

When all the whales approached the ship, the Captain gave the order to fire the cannons, thinking that the whales were coming to attack them, that's when the crew began to run and load the cannons.

Fortunately, the waves caused by the whales did not allow them to carry them, they fell to the floor and swayed from one place to another on the ship, without being able to stop.

It was then that the crew saw how the Bluewhale began to circle with the others around the ship so quickly that it veered very far from the sandbar.

When the crew realized what the Bluewhale had done, they began to applaud and celebrated with great joy that they were safe and that they did not hit the sandbar.

Finally, the Captain and his crew saw that blue whale that they named Bluewhale the brave move away.

I propose as a name for the whale of @ecency Bluewhale as the protagonist of our story

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