Introduction for @hive-test-bg growing strong together.

Hey, Hivers!

It’s me @iliyan90
Let me share how and why this account is going to be used around the Bulgarian community/network.

I’ve been doing my best of reporting bugs/issues about Hive blockchain and it different apps and front ends to the appropriate people/developers and channels so far.

So far my main focus has been reporting all of the issues I find around hive to the correct people as I think some of them may confirm that: @ecency @good-karma @eddiespino @starkerz @threespeak

Within my understanding and knowledge the easiest way for a newbie to start on #hive is via @ecency app.

So I’ve been doing my best of reporting the issues straight to @good-karma
Also, I want to do my best of helping ecency to clean all the issues...

With my recent observations I see that there is still many to be reported from the different mobile phones that people are using.

How the account @hive-test-bg is going to be used:

Bulgarian description in this first post

1. By a selection, I’m going to share posting authorities with several people/testers to this account, so they can report the issues/bugs they find around the #hive blockchain.

2. The person who is reporting an issue/bug has to mention his name in the post and set himself as 94% beneficiaries from the post

3. If the problem is about ecency it has to be placed in Ecency community or if about @peakd in About Peakd community and so on...

3.1 And tag the right people so they can see the problem.

4. If the person reporting the issue/bug doesn't have a good English he is required to post in the Bulgaria community or ecency-bulgaria community so we can have someone who can translate it as soon as possible

The translator of the post has the right to request 20% from the post reward after that.

5. In my opinion this is the easiest way to share information about the #hive blockchain.
Just have it written on the blockchain so everyone can see it.

6. My main focus recently has been on onboarding new people to #hive as always and trying to give them the most important information they need about the Hive blockchain as it is selected in this post <--

7. Please feel free to add something or correct me if you think I'm doing something wrong.

If you decide to support the Bulgarian community growth you can do it by delegating some HP to account @hive-bulgaria
Or using some of the links down below.



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