Dreemport Collaborative Challenge With Ecency || Let Me Introduce Myself.

Struggling with what to pen down
Take a deep breath, stop, relax
All yourself to DREEM big
Don't cage yourself, DREEM big.
Pen down your DREEMS.*
Let DREEMPORT bring fresh eyes to your content.
Don't just DREEM, but DREEM with ECENCY.
Let ECENCY run its course with its magic wand.
Let it promote and boost your Content.
DREEMPORT and ECENCY are what you need to let your DREEMS come through.


Wondering what this short poem is all about? Stick around and I will tell you.

Three days ago @dreemsteem made an announcement post about Dreemport Collaborative Challenge With Ecency. Reading the post got me excited and I was like okay! Game one!.


The challenge rules are pretty simple and direct. All you need to do is read the announcement post here, don't skim through it, but READ it and make use of Ecency frontend and Dreemport site for the week. It's going to be fun, that I can assure you. Trust me!



Let Me Introduce Myself.

My name is Esther Emmanuel, some people know me as the dragonqueen. How I got into content writing was during the pandemic. I got on Hive 2020 but didn't start operating my account right away until I got encouraged by my friend. Having met some Dreem members already from another platform further made my journey on this platform easy and bearable. They all supported me all through, taught things I should know about content creation, and taught me how to express myself through writing. I will always appreciate them 🤗.

I sometimes feel I am not done with exploring who I am because every day, I evolve, I learn new things and I change for the better. The version of me yesterday is different from the version of me today. Something I like about myself is that I love to always keep updating myself even though I am conservative and I hold on to high esteem, honesty, and loyalty when dealing with people, hence why my circle of friends is small. I believe that being stagnant is the easiest road to stone age and being cut off from development.

Reading and writing are the two things I use to escape this world and go into a world of knowledge and mystery. Reading improves me daily, especially in terms of my communication skills and writing skills. I don't end my day without having something to read or digest in my memory. For writing, I use it to express myself in multiple ways that people can't understand.

I am addicted to coffee but recently took a break from it and it is not that I am leaving coffee out of my daily routine. I will be back soon and even stronger 😈. Oh, coffee I miss you so much 😮‍💨.


Then lastly, if you don't know these about me, then, you are yet to know me. I work out five days a week, engage in boxing three days a week, love music, love being around nature and my weekends are sacred. No touching, just leave it alone! hahaha.


Below is the screenshot of my Ecency from the beginning of this week which is required for this post to be complete. Ignore my balance and look the other way😏.

Image complied by me using canva

Don't forget to check the announcement challenge post to know what to do.

Thank you for visiting my blog 🤗

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