Esteem referrals

We have been getting a lot of questions about how referral system works and what are the details after our latest release.

In this post, we will present motivations, plans and works of the system.


How it works

Our initial implementation is quite simple.

  1. Signup form has referred user field where any new user can write who invited them during their registration.

  2. After new user start using Esteem and earns over 250 ESTM, user who invited them will claim 100 ESTM.

  3. There is no limit on how many users you can invite or how much ESTM you can earn from referrals.

Note that, Referral rewards are minted from mining allocation!

Your referral code is your username. When inviting friend ask them to register with your username in referral field or give direct link, this is referral link for esteemapp account:

Road ahead

We will be reiterating and gathering feedback from community and improve program as we progress. We will re-evaluate some parts once we have some information and see how system is working in action.

We want to increase engagement, retention as well as onboard people easily. There are multiple stages to fully achieve our vision.

Mobile onboarding has very crucial role to grow Esteem from where we are, to much higher user retention and engagement. We are working on customized signup experience with simple to digest educational screens. Over the coming months we will release full-fledged signup and invite screens within app.

Go invite a friend, ask them to register with eSteem and start earning ESTM and STEEM now! You will earn some extra ESTM and get some new followers.

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