Refer your friends to earn more

How you can refer friends on Ecency?
In this post we will talk about some benefits and how you can invite new friends to the Hive and Ecency. Our signup and referral system is very simple, anyone can quickly join and start experiencing new social network.


How it works

Referral system is quite simple. You can earn extra while inviting friends as well.

  1. Get your friends to register with Ecency through your unique referral link.

  2. Once they've created an account, they'll need to earn over 250 Points using Ecency, referral who invited them will claim 100 Points.

Earning Points with Ecency is very intuitive and fun experience. Just by using app and performing various activities you earn Points instantly.

There are no limit on how many friends you can invite or how much Points you can earn from referrals.

Your referral code is your username. When inviting friend ask them to register with your username in referral field or give them direct link.

This is referral link example for demo account, change it to yours.


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