[Ecency Contest] Contest#2 Winners Announcement



Contest #2 is over and it is time to make a summary and reward our winners!

@melinda010100 kindly supported @ecency-star project with a donation of 500 Ecency points, and I decided to use them for the next project that I plan to launch soon. Follow @ecency-star to stay updated

Now let's sum up the Contest #2 and hug our winners!


We had 3 participants: @mondhero, @mawit07, @beeber with very interesting and useful posts!

  • @mondhero: Entry post about Ecency Mobile app. He provided the main advantages and features of the mobile app.

  • @mawit07: Entry post about details on edit history tool of Ecency. That tool is really amazing! Probably, many of you faced at least once the problem of overwriting the old post by mistake that @mawit07 explained in his entry post, but just a few people know how to easily solve that problem with the 'Edit History' tool.

  • @beeber: Entry post about Ecency points with the explanation on how to get points and how to use them. He added a German translation to his post, so it will be very useful to German-speaking Ecencians.


First of all, I want to say a big THANK to all participants. Each post is a big contribution to Ecency community and its promotion. Your posts will help new Ecency users to adapt to the Ecency faster and easier!

All participants kindly followed all rules and I really appreciate it!

All entry posts were evaluated according to the evaluation scale and subjective assessment that was described in the Contest announcement post

It was really hard to make a decision because I really loved and enjoyed reading all 3 entry posts!


šŸ„‡1st place - @mawit07 and he gets 300 Ecency points
šŸ„ˆ2nd place - @beeber and he gets 150 Ecency points
šŸ„‰3rd place - @mondhero and he gets 50 Ecency points

CONGRATULATIONS!!! And thanks a lot for your participation, time, effort, and contribution to the @Ecency community! I hope to see you in our other contests and projects!

Thank You!


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