The dreemiest space

When I was eleven years old, I had my first dreem. I didn't realize it at the time, but it was the beginnings of a mindset that would shape the rest of my life. I had taken a college-lined piece of looseleaf paper, and sketched out my ultimate dreem space. This vision would be the driving force of every future move I made. One might doubt that such a core concept could be conceived at the tender age of eleven, but indeed - every choice that I would make, whether large or small, would answer the question, "Does this get me closer to this vision?"

I could draw this place out, and explain it to you in detail, but I think it might not truly be necessary for you to see it. What's more important is the feeling of it and what it brings to my daily existence, and the hope of my future.

What does my dreem space entail?

  • land
  • ability to be self-sustaining
  • nature, including animals, and a water source
  • space for community

What you'll notice is that my definition of my dreem space didn't have a house. Oh, I have a dreem home too - hehe but a few years ago I had the extraordinary experience of living in 3 homes over 3 years that would strip down my vision to what really mattered.

What I found to be the most significant part of my dreem space was the connection to nature, animals, and special people in my life. I DO hope for a lovely home on this space! But, it isn't the highest priority.

The reason why I feel I need this space is simple: I know I was created for it.

How will I get it? Am I making plans to create this space?

I have. I am. I will. There are things in life that I simply know will happen because I have the faith that they will. And this is one of them. Every step that I have taken towards this dreem space is both planned and predestined for me to pursue and passively receive. It makes no logical sense, but that's the way that I believe things unfold. Our courses are set, and yet, we have decisions that we feel are important to choose and execute - and all of this works together for a destiny that has already been written. I know it's not a very popular opinion, but I've seen it play out in my life, over and over and over again. It has a sort of restless reassurance that toys with your mind as you fight God for the reins in your life.

But what will it cost? and am I willing to compromise on things in order to have this place?

I think it's going to cost another 2 years of saving, give or take a miracle or five. I have to tell you - I've already had one amazing completely unexpected miracle that pushed us a solid year ahead of schedule. Then, another miracle that pushed us ahead another year! It's so exciting to have these things happen and have confirmations in my heart and mind and spirit that my dreem space is edging closer.

It's also encouraging to see how I'm learning along the way, and refining my own expectations to discern between wants and needs. I love that every step of inching towards my dreem space also inches me closer to who I need to be.

And that's the beauty of a dreem space! You are made for it, but it was also made for you. I will have to learn some new skills in order to enjoy my dreem space fully, but this doesn't intimidate me - it excites me! There is something so special about learning and adapting in order to become aligned with something you WANT. Don't you agree? When we're forced to do things "just because", it often feels like such a chore! We procrastinate and begrudge the time it exacts from us. But when it leads us closer to our own little paradise? The years become like days, and the struggle has pleasure in the pain!

I'm looking at the calendar now and thinking back to how fast the last three years have gone by! Is it possible that in another three, I'll be typing a post out from a special nook in my dreem space? Track with me, and see!

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