Let your well overflow!

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My sweeeeet @beeber and I have been planning this Ecency DreemPort challenge for weeks now. We've been absolutely giddy with delight, because we have very similar personalities! We love bringing joy, fun, support, encouragement and more! We KNEW that when Ecency joined with DreemPort - it was going to be very special, and it really has! Our first week was all about INTRODUCTIONS! We wanted to have a massive "family reunion" before you all even realized that you were family! hahaha We also wanted to POUR the love all over - but how to do that?

  • If we told people what was coming - then maybe we get a bunch of people there for the wrong reasons?

  • If we kept it a secret - then maybe we lose some of the excitement and hype?

We shared our ideas with @melinda0101000 and we all agreed - best to wait! Let's see what people bring NATURALLY! Better to have genuine quality over potentially insincere quantity! Right???

Well, we got the authentic numbers AND the quality!!!!

In the last week - we have DOUBLED our daily posts, engagement is THROUGH the roof, and I don't know about you - but our little corner of Hive feels more united, positive, and PUMPED than ever before.

oh - and the love that is going to be poured on you? ❤️ hehehe

Let me just say that most weekly contests sponsored by Ecency are a generous 100-500? points? Something like that! Knowing that you get a SWEET upvote with that kind of reward - that's VERY cool of Ecency!

So if THAT is already generous - please explain to me what a DELUGE of points on our Week 1 is - when it's 20,000 points to share?? Is that extra supremely over-the-top super generous? Must be. lol 😀

Twenty thousand points, you guys. 😯

WHATEVER you earned last week (and didn't spend on boosts) hehe GOT DOUBLED. WHICH WAS ABOUT 13,000 POINTS.

THEN, they said hmmm round it up to a nice 15,000 points!

Then, @melinda said - nah... add another 5,000 points to that - and just be generous with them!!!! So - I will be finding ways to do just that - and will report it in the next 24 hours hehehe

But... that brings me back to my title.

"Let your well overflow"

How often do leaders of this world expect you to drain your well, over and over - without caring where your own next drink is coming from? How typical it is - for them to put pressure on you to give, give, give - and not bother to support you first?

And how many people TRY to be generous in the face of that, and end up just depleting the little they have to drain themselves. It is magnanimous - and selfless of them to try! BUT THAT IS NOT what's happening here!

THIS is what I love about our partners this month! Ecency isn't going to ask you to bring generosity to others without first making sure they FILL YOUR WELLS.

So, be expecting that ecency point drop in your wallet in the next 12 hours!

and then.... 👉(Check the Dreemport POST FOR THE WEEK 2 DETAILS FOR ALL YOUR NEEDS FOR THE WEEK!)👈

It's gonna be so fun, you guys! hehehe

Your wells will be filled! Will you be ready to flood Hive with generosity???

There are no coincidences in life. @beeber and I had already planned to do this - but then @unklebonehead was inspired to #leadwithgenerosity and @melinda010100 got infected too! hehehe Think it was all planned? It wasn't. hehehe (well, God planned it! hehehe) But we were just all doing what was on our hearts and now you're invited to be a part of it too!

Nothing is forced here! They are YOUR POINTS to use however you see fit!!! But I know what I'll be doing! hehehe

Be on the lookout for the post from @dreemport in the next hour to explain the details of this week!

Our Week #2 begins in 4 hours!


(Feel free to use this image sourcing banner on your posts if you like!)

Overflow of Generosity
Deluge Photo by Major Tom Agency on Unsplash

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