Blog Divider for Ecency... My Entry for Ecency Art Contest (Collage work)

Hello Hive Friends,

I hope everyone is doing well.

My Sunday didn't begin on a positive note. I woke up with the attack of migraine. It felt like I wouldn't be able to do anything today. There were quite many things on my to do list. Thankfully, by the afternoon, the medicine worked and I felt better enough to stand up and perform my duties. The day afterwards went busy. One of my targets for today was to publish a post for ecency art contest. It is past the midnight and my head is still aching but I am happy that finally I am achieving my today's target.

Here is my entry for the category Illustrations/collage/sculpture/digital art

I have designed some blog dividers for Ecency. In this design I have used two symbols of Ecency: Ecency heart and the whale.

Here is a variation of it.

Here is another.

Here is the Procedure that I followed to create this design.

🐟 First I selected a canvas with custom size 1000Γ—300 px.

🐟 I had taken the ecency heart from ecency discord server. I uploaded it to canva, cropped and resized it according to my need

🐟 Then, I copied the heart image and flipped it horizontally. I placed it just in line with the previous heart image and grouped both the images.

🐟 Then I copied the grouped image, rotated it upside down and placed it just in line with the previous image. It gave the appearance like a flower. After that I grouped all the hearts and aligned them in the middle and center.

🐟 Then I looked for images of whale in free to use images available on canva. This is the image I found apt for my design.

🐟 I changed its color and resized it according to my need.

🐟 Then I copied the image, rotated it upside down, aligned it with the previous images and grouped them together.

🐟 Then I added the ecency heart right after the whales image and grouped it to them.

🐟 I wanted to give some sparkles to the design. For this purpose I looked for some sparkling gifs in canva.

🐟I cropped the gif, resized it and allocated it in the center of hearts. Also, I used the sparkle in the middle of the hearts' flower.

🐟 After that, I copied the group twice and aligned them with previous image.

🐟 When one row was completed, I grouped every element of the row and copied it.

🐟 After that I took the copied image to the left side and aligned it accordingly.

🐟 I wanted to state ecency somewhere in the design. So, I added text, curved the text and aligned it with the central flower.

🐟 Then I copied the imaged text, curved it opposite to the previous one and aligned it accordingly.

🐟 Also, I created a variation of the design by changing the background color to black.

🐟 After that I grouped the text images and applied some animation on it.

I downloaded all the designs in gif format.

So, this is my contribution for my beloved community, Ecency. Anyone can use this gif divider into one’s blog. Also, the design would be availability for free to use in ecency discord #assets.


The design is created by me on Canva using the images from the sources mentioned in the text above.
The images are screenshots of canva taken by me.

3 columns
2 columns
1 column