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Greetings to all, in this beautiful Ladies of Hive Community. Heeding the call of this contest number 163, today I return to participate. Here I share this week's invitation.

This time I will answer the second question of the contest: 2) It's December and you have the opportunity to give something material without a price-limit to a single person. The condition is that this person does not have any type of relationship with you and that they will not be able to transfer that gift to anyone else. What gift would you give, to whom, and why?

This is a great question, and there are several questions within one…

I want to first clarify that my answer will not be political in nature, since I am not currently active in any political party or tendency, and I know well that addressing political issues is something that can be delicate and counterproductive on any social network, including Hive. That said, the person I would choose to give something to would be the mayor of my town, of my Municipality. Why do I choose him? Well, it's simple, although he alone does not hold all the power in the Municipality where I live, but he does have an important amount of influence in the decisions made at the local level, to good or bad for the population, so I consider him to be a key person in improving or deteriorating the situation of the town in which I live. And for the record, I do not know him, I have never met him in any space, nor do I have any connection with him.

Now comes the complex part, what material gift, with no price limit, can I give him? That is something difficult to know, because in this hypothetical situation, the ideal would be to give him a gift so special, so important, so transcendent, that it would allow him to be a happier, more productive and coherent person in the various areas of his life. I think he has many material things, since as far as I know, he lives in a nice house, he has several nice cars, he dresses well, etc., in short, he has many material comforts, which obviously allow him and his family to live. comfortably.

But since here we are doing an imaginative exercise, well, I will get imaginative: I would give the mayor of my town a CAPSULE, but not just any capsule, it would be a very, very, very special capsule, because it would be a capsule that inside contain LOVE. And by this I do not mean any drug, any entheogenic substance, any psychotropic, any power plant; no, it would be concentrating LOVE in a very small portion, putting it inside a capsule that is digestible orally, with immediate and permanent effect. Obviously, this does not exist yet, and if it did exist, it would be priceless, it would be INVALUABLE.

That would be my gift to the mayor of my town, now, the dilemma would be whether he would ingest it or not, it is difficult to know, so perhaps, I would place it camouflaged inside a box of chocolates, for example, I think it would be easier for him to ingest it.

What is the reason for giving this gift to him? I believe that the answer to this question is simple and complex at the same time, and is the following: Love is the maximum force of the Universe we inhabit, right? Thanks to love, God made Creation, everything we know, (and what we don't know too). Through love, lives are created, projects are built, relationships are established and maintained, therefore, we are facing the most powerful force in the universe, because behaviors, facts and behaviors derive from it, which will always be positive. I believe that if this Mayor took that CAPSULE OF LOVE, he could automatically remove that layer of indolence, that blindness that does not allow him to see the essence of his work, and perhaps this town, its citizens, the streets, the public places natural spaces, etc., could be valued by him; and consequently, he would try to heal, care for, improve, maintain all these elements. Then, this town would be happier. Maybe I am very naive to imagine that a gift like this could change this little piece of world that I live in, but dreaming, imagining and visualizing something is free, and if what we imagine is beautiful, even better.

I think it is precisely the LACK OF LOVE that has screwed us all on the planet. When a person steals, is corrupt, a fraud, a thief, cruel, indolent, it is a product precisely of the absence of love. A thief, a swindler, a corrupt person commits crimes precisely because in his childhood he did not have love nor was he taught to love others, and later, that person thinks that he deserves everything, and that he can do whatever he wants without limits, because he does not he cares about the harm he may cause to others, he only cares about satisfying that hunger for power, for having, which precisely derives from the lack of love, he becomes a 100% HEDONIST being. Unfortunately, many of our leaders in the various social institutions are like this.

Here I end my post, where I have told you about the most expensive material gift in the world and the one that is also free. A hug for everyone.

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