Flora (Loh community contest) #78

We have all had a person who has helped us grow. Sometimes that teacher taught us with love, other times learning was a challenge. We want you to tell us about that person who helped you in the evolution of your life, it could be a boss, a friend, an acquaintance, a coworker etc.

An elder sister, I've always seen her a sister although we were in no way related.


I wasn't close to my elder sister at all but I could not stay without Flora. I met her in Anglican church as my Sunday school teacher, I was barely 8 years and since then she had been a pillar to me. Growing up with her holding my hand every step of the way has made life easy for me. When I first learnt to bake, Flora was the first person I baked for on her birthday and she took it upon herself to tutor me on baking professionally.

(Taken by me)

She always taught me with love, knowing I'm not the type to learn under pressure.
I also learnt bead making and sewing from her, she would always call and encourage me when I'm down, last year when I was in the hospital she had just started Nysc (Nigerian youth service Corp) but she made sure to cook and bring for me, she would spend time with me whenever she was free.
Whenever I do something wrong she always calls me to order.
Flora introduced me to people who patronized me and till today she still does even with the distance.
Aside my family, Flora helped shaped me into this person I am now.
She's not perfect but the love I have for her is huge 😊.


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