The Female Orgasm Series: Another Major Reason Females Have Fewer Orgasms than Males

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On average, women said they reach orgasm 31-40% of the time in response to the question about intercourse in general. By contrast, women said they reached orgasm even more often with assisted intercourse (51-60% of the time), (assisted intercourse is getting their clitoris fingered or using a toy on it during vaginal penetration) but less often with unassisted intercourse (21-30% of the time).

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In the above study women were asked how often they orgasmed during sex and on average the reply was 31-40% of the time. To make it more specific, they asked how often they orgasm when being penetrated with a penis and at the same time having their finger or their partner's finger or having a toy on their clitoris and they said 51-60% of the time. While they orgasm only 21-30% of the time when only a dick is inside their pussy hole without a finger or toy on their clitoris.

This is poor! Really poor, and it is sad. I'm sure a lot of us already knew that males had more orgasms than females but looking at these stats just you see just how dire the situation is. Men have orgasms whenever they have sex and it's only on very rare occasions that men don't, most men can't even imagine having orgasms only 60% of the time, it's a horrific imagination but here are women scoring 60% as best case upon best case scenario.

So as many experts around the world are trying to help the situation here is my contribution, "The Female Orgasm Series*.

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Today's edition deals with Another Major Reason Females Have Fewer Orgasms than their male counterpart.

The Second Major Reason Females Have Less Orgasms

The previous edition of this Female Orgasm Series dealt with the main reason why females have fewer orgasms than males. Today's edition is going to deal with what I consider the second most important reason and it is: females were brought up to hate sex. Let me explain.

We all know that in society women are given way higher standards when it comes to sex. Women are expected to not have so much sex or at least not as much sex as their male counterpart and any woman who has a lot of sex is usually demeaned, considered worthless and called names like whore, prostitute, hoe, harlot, bitch, etc.

This is mostly prevalent in more conservative societies and although it is less in more liberal societies, liberal societies evolved from conservative societies so there are still traces of this practice in liberal societies especially as full liberation hasn't been attained by most relatively liberal societies.

Men on the other hand aren't shamed for having a lot of sex. On the contrary, men are praised for it. On coming to the world, from a young age, girls start to learn that men are the ones who are supposed to chase them and make sex and relationship happen, they themselves are supposed to just stay and wait or else they are "cheap". They are not supposed to be having so much sex or being so interested in sex, they are supposed to play hard to get and have as few sex as possible or else their worth would reduce.

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Seeing the world like this makes a woman condition herself differently from her male counterpart. She sees how girls who have a lot of sex are demeaned and treated with utter disgust and disrespect through utterances by society and she doesn't wish that for herself one bit. She sees it in the people living around her, sees it in movies and all the content she consumes. She consumes content from hundreds of years ago and sees it there. She sees that it has been like that throughout history.

Her entire being, her emotions, hormones, body and soul tries to reduce her interest in sex so that she'll never get the lashing and opprobrium that females get for having a lot of sex.

Men on the other hand are born into a world where they are not shamed for having sex even in the slightest way. They are even praised for it. They grow up to NOT attribute anything to sex but enjoyment, freedom and happiness. Their mind, body and soul is fully open to it, no part of them is opposed to sex at all. Now who is supposed to enjoy sex and have more orgasms among these two?

To further show the effects of the world a female discovers at a young age you need to understand the power of the mind and the fact that your thoughts and emotions have a lot of effect on your body, health, your biology and physiology.

Power of the Mind: Placebo

Take a look at this story reported by a psychologist called Bruno Klopfer in 1957, the story is about a patient called Mr. Wright who was dying of cancer and couldn't take the available treatment of the day due to other complications. He was given a worthless drug called Krebiozen and he got better because he thought it was a good drug, when he found out it was worthless, he fell sick again, his cancer returned!

Then his doctor lied to him that Krebiozen actually works but Mr. Wright had received an inferior batch. The doctor now provided what he called superior batch in some days, gave it to him and he became well again. Then after some time he came across conclusive evidence from The American Medical Association that Krebiozen was actually worthless and his cancer returned again and he soon died!

Power of the Mind...

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Just the simple knowledge/conviction of the potency or otherwise of the drug was enough to influence his body to get better or worse.

So do you see how much your thoughts can affect your actual body parts? Now take a minute to imagine how much damage the upbringing of girls must have done to their ability to enjoy sex. All the shaming they have seen going to girls who did it or were suspected of doing it. All the insults. All the orientation that girls get more worthless the more sex they have. A huge scientific research should go into this.

This harmful orientation is deep in the subconscious of most females, only those with a different upbringing where females were encouraged to be free have a different thing in their subconscious. It all depends on upbringing and convictions. Many girls, though, due to education and enlightenment have moved on from thinking their worth is tied to how much sex they've had but the mentality hasn't been purged from their subconscious completely.



  1. Education on the Matter: The culture of shaming women the more sex they have is a remnant of old cultures that viewed women as property and sex as a use for women. The more a property is used the less value it is deemed to have. Learning about the fact that it's all a legacy of old cultures and learning about how harmful these cultures can make a woman want to forge new paths.
    Learning about the fact that it affects her ability to enjoy sex and have orgasms too.

  2. Therapy: Some girls have moved on from thinking their worth is tied to how much sex they've had but the mentality hasn't been purged from their subconscious completely. Therapy can help.

  3. Reinforcement: Can also help
    consume progressive content and surround yourself with progressive people as much as you can.


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