I am a lash artist and it's my number one passion.

Hi my Hiver friends, this week I see another great topic on Ladies of Hive Community contest #51. And this is a good chance for me to share a bit about my job as well as my greatest passion - being a lash artist. And the question I want to answer in this post is:

What is your number one passion, the thing you do that makes you feel the most happy, peaceful, or satisfied?


When it comes to passions, people often choose to talk about certain hobbies or special talents they have. For me, I feel quite fortunate because my passion is also my current job and also one of my income sources. I believe that people who find joy in their work are the happiest people in the world because they can do what they love without feeling any pressure or boredom.


I started learning to do eyelash extensions 2 years ago from a friend's recommendation, at first I really didn't have much interest in this job. It requires a lot of meticulousness, perseverance and is also quite stressful at first. But gradually as my hands get used to using tweezers and the manipulations when applying eyelash extensions, the job becomes easier. I also feel more confident about mapping and styling for the lashes and can talk and advise customers in a more comfortable way. My customers are happy with my services, they trust me and give me compliments and thanks for doing their lashes. That's when I started to feel really happy with this job and wanted to grow more with it.

7c673258_0797_4f20_bb91_b15732492b69.jpegOne of my very first lash sets

40256cff_d47e_47b3_8e87_bd70de6b4b19.jpegHere is a recent lash set

One of the reasons why I love doing eyelash extensions is that the workspace is very comfortable. The eyelash extension room is usually a cozy space, with soft scents and melodious music so that the client can completely relax and the eyelash extensions artist can focus on work. A peaceful workspace, the opportunity to meet and talk with very nice clients, I don't think I need more than that to love this job more.


The job of doing eyelash extensions for me now is not just a job simply, it is also like creating a work of art with balance on the client's eyes and a style that fits the needs and the face of each client. And if there is any opportunity for me to grow in this profession, I will not hesitate to take it. I can spend hours practicing the fanning technique, I try to understand my tweezers and how to use it effectively, I can sit back and look at the photos taken of the lash set I did to find my mistakes that need to be fixed and how to fix it for the next time. I want to create the most beautiful lash sets that every customer wants to come back to me.


I never thought I could be so passionate and love my work this much. But when you're happy with what you're doing and it's financially secure for you, why shouldn't we be passionate about it?

Thank you for reading my post!

This is my entry for the Ladies of Hive Community Contest #51. I'd love to invite my friend @winnietran to join me in this contest as well. Thank you so much @thekittygirl for your meaningful topic for this week contest.

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