A Lady of Hive is my friend and she brought me here from real-life!

Hi Hivean, I hope you have a great day. This is my post to enter the Ladies of Hive Community Contest #49. I was so excited to hear about this week's question, thanks @thekittygirl for your interesting and meaningful question for this week. Actually, I was planning to write a commemorative post for my first month on Hive on 19th September, I know I am very new to this community :). However, I must say I am very sorry because my work has been quite busy lately and I have almost forgotten about the date. And it's really a coincidence that this week's question is exactly the topic I wanted to write about and this is also a chance for me to send my thanks to a Lady of Hive who has brought me here and given me great support since then - @trangbaby. In this post, I would like to answer this question:

Have you ever met someone from the Hive blockchain in real-life?
If so, tell us about the experience! If not, who would you like to meet
and why are they on your wishlist of people to meet?


I have met and known @trangbaby since 2018 when we had a great time working together and experiencing the peaceful yet fun life in Nelson, New Zealand. After that, we moved to different places and did different jobs but fortunately, we still met a few times in both New Zealand and Vietnam, although it was short, we still had enough time to share a lot about each other life at that time. Later, when Trang got stuck in Vietnam because of the Covid pandemic, I had to say that because I knew she is an extremely active person and loves to travel so much, I also temporarily settled in NZ, we still always kept in touch with each other. I remember the first time when Trang talked about Hive to me was in September 2020, and my reaction at that time was yeah it's good but I don't really care.

z2786944706833_c35a9f4eb2762ce2b07fd2fd825e129f.jpgPhoto from @trangbaby

Now that I've joined the Hive community for more than a month, looking back at the time when I missed the opportunity to join Hive earlier, I can only say how silly I was back then. Thank you again Trang for persistently reminding me of Hive many times after I did not respond enthusiastically the first time and not forgetting to tell me about Hive's potential and upcoming growth. I have to admit that I'm a result freak and rather lazy to learn a new thing. What Trang has done is keep updating me on her growth in this community and show me Hive is an interesting social network with lots of new things to learn, a place to meet friends from all over the world, and articles on Hive are valuable.

z2786810778074_63432f3d038c46dc5369b0bf2bfbe264.jpgPhoto from @trangbaby

What I have achieved after more than a month on Hive is really amazing. I have met new friends who are very active here and are always willing to support me as well. My articles also get a lot of support from people in the community. I have participated in some very interesting and meaningful contests. I had the opportunity to use a bunch of photos that I took over the years but never had a chance to use them, actually looking back at those photos reminds me a lot of the memories of places I've been to. And one thing that cannot be ignored is that I have actually earned an income from blogging, although it is still quite modest now I believe this income will grow soon. And everything Trang told me is true, I will have fun blogging here and will earn income from it. This is great!

z2786810774835_97561539a9934db9e8ea5fb67857d6bc.jpgPhoto from @trangbaby

The best thing that Trang has helped me with is not only bringing me to Hive but also continuously helping me grow in this community. We chat daily and ask each other what to post today, she sends me good contests when I run out of topics and always reminds me to be active and interact with people on this community. Trang is really my great supporter on Hive.

z2786810789648_cac514f85a6dbafa2220945b275723b6.jpgPhoto from @trangbaby

I have always felt fortunate and somewhat surprised with my growth on Hive. I still remember the first days of Trang on Hive, she did not have as much help and support as I have now. This reminds me to always appreciate this help from her. A friend who can share with us the best is truly a precious and cherished friend, and Trang is that friend of mine.

z2786944703634_72a2ca0afdc61d023088e899f26d9261.jpgPhoto from @trangbaby

And we always have an appointment to meet again when borders are opened and travel will be easier. I'm looking forward to seeing @trangbaby soon and we'll have interesting Hive stories to tell each other.

Thank you so much for reading my post!

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