LOH #124 // Once upon a time


Good day my beautiful people on ladies of hive community, how are you all doing and happy New week. I hope this week will be a favourable week for all of us. This week question bring about some memories.

Once upon a time, I was taught how to remember the strings on a guitar by this sweet, very straight-laced lady. She explained it this way: E-every A-acid D-dropper G-gets B-busted E-eventually! It just cracked me up, so this week we want to know what funny ways you use to remember useful bits of information?

it is true we have smart people but it is not all of us that is a fast learner, then when we find it difficult to memorize something, our teacher we find another way for us to be able to memorize it.

I can remember very well when I first entered secondary school, I choose science class because I wanted to be a doctor and you know for every science student, chemistry is very important.

The first thing our chemistry teacher asked us to memorize is the first twenty element. Everytime the teacher entered, he will asked us to recite the first twenty element and anyone that does not know it will be punished. Nobody want to be punished and we are all trying to know it.

We are still on it when one of our senior enter our class and give us the easiest way to memorize it

He - hydrogen, Has - helium, Large - lithium, Brain - beryllium, But - boron, Can - carbon, Not - nitrogen, Over - oxygen, Flow - fluorine, Nine - neon, Subject - sodium, Mr - magnesium, A - aluminum, S - silicon, P - phosphorous, Stop - sulphur, Car - chlorine, At - argon, Police - potassium, Campus - calcium.

Since then, we find it easy to memorize it and use it whenever we want it and till today I never forget it for once, wake me from my sleep and I will read it for you. Thanks to @elizabethbit for this great question.

Thanks for checking on my blog and have a wonderful day

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