LOH #116 // Let go on a trip


Good day everyone, it good to be here again and I welcome you all to my blog. This week I will like to answer the first question.

1️⃣ If you are to take a trip this year to another place or country that you've never been to before, where would you go and what will you be doing there?

If I was to take a trip this year, these are lot of places I want to travel to because traveling is very fun the way I used to hear it. One of my brother who use to travel alot told me that if I don't travel I'm missing out. I've never travel out of my country before so if anybody ask if I want to travel I will say yes and if they ask me where I will mention the two country at the top of my traveling list which are Canada and New Zealand.


I really want to visit New Zealand because of their natural beauty which are generous and abound. I have a curiosity to visit New Zealand mainly because of their beautiful view to sight seeing and I was told that their beach was very lovely. If I can afford a vacation, New Zealand is at the top of my list.


Canada is at the top of my traveling list, it sound very blissful and very peaceful. I have hear a lot of things about Canadian and it all a nice thing, there culture and everything. What do I want to do in Canada? I would love to stay there and learn about their culture and all. To fill my curiosity about living in another country apart from the one I grow up in. It is always my dream to travel out and explore.

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