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Today, I hug all the Hive Ladies on our 3rd anniversary...Cheers

From the beginning, I felt the need to connect more with this large group... there are many of us around the hive world! (feeling). And many benefits for my journey in hive, and outside the web3.

I feel aligned and in coherence, with you Ladies believing in what we believe, with what we think, say, and do. A story interwoven with the threads of our particular and multicultural histories, with a vision of the world, and a philosophy of life. Founded, formed, nurtured, pampered, contained by @ladiesofhive and @thekittygirl.

In a fast-paced world full of distractions, it is essential to take a break as we have done, to recognize and honor the incredible happiness, good fortune, and blessing that it is to be and have a family like this, we are all a reliable guide, with a lot of love for life, capacity for wonder and admiration for nature.

We are that source of encouragement and inspiration that we often need, and you represent that for me since I have been living in this community.

I embrace the joy, sweetness, fullness, bliss, ecstasy, fascination, wonder, joy, sadness, pain, disappointments, bitterness, darkness, uncertainties, successes, mistakes, lights, and shadows that feminine cyclicity gives to every woman.

I learned about Ladies of Hive from the voice of a gentleman from Colombia whom I had known since my beginnings at Hive, he told me “You are a lady, I recommend that you write in that community, where you can be yourself”, where you will find comfort in difficult moments and celebrate your achievements together with them. Thank you so much, Since then I have felt in family and in brotherhood.

I celebrate, together with the whole team of Ladies of Hive, to be able to honor in life each lady who brings her own light and uniqueness, contributing to the beautiful tapestry of our lives. Whether sharing meals, embarking on adventures, or just spending time together via the web, it is in these moments that we really realize the power of family and the love that unites us.

Among the many benefits of belonging to this community is the importance of caring for and cultivating our relationships, and our interpersonal bonds so that they are healthy over time.


Because Women make each other and nothing like when we have to honor those who opened and paved the way for us to fulfill our mission today from different, gentler realities, we are multicultural women. I urge everyone, in order to continue supporting and encouraging each other, to offer a helping hand and an attentive ear whenever necessary. By making time for each other and expressing our love and appreciation more often.

Personally, I connect with the specific goal of this sisterhood…

Nourishing ourselves around reading, doing social work, transmitting knowledge to other ladies and also to gentlemen like Mr.Jamerussell, changing thoughts about law, and teaching how to create a cooperative to help each other, is a gathering between friends and if we are not friends, between women united for one purpose.

I feel connected to the objectives of the group, to group membership, regardless of the members that make it up, and pride also towards the rewards that are achieved by being part of the group, for perseverance and for not getting exhausted, so that on the journey, keep rowing for more years together.

I believe that our sharing through this window is a bridge in a multicultural territory, it is a gift that we can give every day, and we are free to take it to all the spaces where we make life and reminds me that our identity cannot be divided into percentages, but that we are a whole, including a cultural whole.

Sowing is an act of faith, it is to leave a little seed and take care, waiting for flowers and fruits to be harvested. And I am excited about each of the shoots of the projects that we sow together at sisterhood, every week.

With the favor of God, I still have many routes to do, I hope you are all, in many (almost all) of them.

Regarding the second question, here is my contribution for this week.

There is a lot of talk about teamwork and cooperation as a virtue, and the truth is that groups in general are not a simple thing, they are a complex and dynamic social phenomenon, whose movements are not easy to understand, much less to channel. To know and to know what it is to set out on a path, to get far one step at a time, and to hesitate along the way.

It is necessary to understand that the flow of interactions is never rectilinear and that the need to review, adjust, harmonize, reconcile, stimulate, clarify, and nourish, is constant and inexhaustible.

Humanizing the birth of entrepreneurship requires humanizing those of us who unite (cohere) around the task and mission of achieving it.

I would ask that you think about defining a specific area of action before answering because the one that covers, a lot of squeezes little. Think about what would be the impact group where, how, and why.

We would like to read your experience of how important it is to learn to navigate the birth of a project for life, of resistance to change, of recognizing our internal rhythm, and our unique way of recharging batteries.

I suggest you create a brainstorm around how to get funding, especially if the impact group is multicultural women. So with 300 words or more to answer, here are the two topics for this week, the 151st edition of the LADIES OF HIVE COMMUNITY CONTEST.

1️⃣ Do you have testimonials of entrepreneurship with personal success or from third parties with your help that you can exhibit to make your proposal credible?

2️⃣ To take someone by the hand to do an entrepreneurship, you must have a system, a Know how?...created by you, or have learned it from some firm, university, mentor, etc., that certifies it. And make it attractive, and believable. Is it a workshop?, Online or face-to-face classes?, A manual?

A big hug, and thank you for accepting this invitation.

With love,

Janitze 💜

We talk, share ideas, and give each other support.

At least in this photo, we are all well represented like ladies of hive, in this magical tree or tree of life like us, weaves its roots and branches, is called the Bengal Fig Tree, They say that there are only three of these in Venezuela, on one of my trips I took photos from outside where it is beautiful, and it is located at the entrance of a hotel in the center of the country.

I like to be, where I can be myself, to flourish in constant exchange, between people like us, from different backgrounds, in which everyone has the same value, creating an identity result, unique and diverse.

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