[LOH#109] Where I Want To Celebrate My Last Birthday

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It's another round of the @ladiesofhive weekly prompt and am happy to be participating.
I couldn't control the happiness of my obtaining the third position last week. And this week, we have another interesting topic.


Death is something nobody wants yet it must happen to everyone on earth no matter how many years you live on earth.
Having a death wish may be a hard one and picking where to celebrate it may be tougher.
You may wish to celebrate it with your family or loved ones and that is okay too.

If am to select where I would celebrate my final birthday I may choose an orphanage. Strange right?
But that's where I have always desired to celebrate my birthday but I haven't received the opportunity and money too. Celebrating your birthday there may not be the traditional one cus am not yet fiscally solid. Although I haven't celebrated any of my birthdays before because I am older, enjoying my final one there is my desire.


I always love to be around children and see them happy. Only their smiles can offer me a peaceful death. I could also ask my family to come here and am confident because it's my final desire they would fulfill it.
I'm celebrating it there since God provided me with both parents and leaving without one might be terrible.
All my life I have lived with my parents and friends therefore celebrating my last birthday at an orphanage is a good one.

I would love to invite @mell79 to join this contest.
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