[LOH#101]|| A friend who has inspired me on Hive

Happy New week

Welcome to my blog.
Glad to see you read my blog
It's a new week and the #101 weekly prompt of the @ladiesofhive.

This week's topics are excellent. All thanks to @tibaire for providing these amazing subjects.

On @hive, I have met many female friends that have inspired me with life and given their various thoughts on their post that has helped me even in life outside hive.
The weekly prompt is not only for rewards but learning which I have truly learned a lot.
The @ladiesofhive community friends are so supportive that I can even count more than one friend here.


But one woman who has tremendously inspired me is @kerrislravenhill when she published the post about her hive experience .
The article was definitely encouraging to me. When she began hive and crypto in 2017 things were not as large as today but with persistence, she is holding the senior coins now.
I really learnt from her to work hard when she started hive she barely had $0.03 upvote, but then she didn't give up .

I can recall the day she commented on my post when I entered the LOH#98 that was to offer a collage of our luxury house.
She commented on my post that one day I would be a hive whale and build my own luxurious mansion. It sounded funny with 165hp, I was wondering how probable it was.

But I meditated on her comments and believe I can achieve it.
It might take years but am absolutely going to invest in cryptocurrencies and purchase my home that's my desire.
If she can develop her account like that I feel I can achieve it also.

Dear Sister, @kerrislravenhill am your hidden admirer and friend. This week's theme has provided me with a chance to write about how motivating you are to me.
Keep striving you have quietly been my inspiration here on hive.

I'm sure when eventually I become a whale, grip the big boy's dollars and construct my luxury mansion, I won't miss your name out from my success story.

I would love to invite @lormez16 @capitanabeach to join this contest. You can know more about it here

Thank you for reading 💜

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