[LOH#100] Helping a friend with Mental Health Issues

Another week with fantastic subject presented to us by @trangbaby for the @ladiesofhive weekly prompt.

Dealing with a mental problem is one crucial thing and everyone who is confronting it requires love and attention.
Nobody is beyond having mental illness even the affluent too.


So I have a friend who was assaulted by her cousin's brother who lived with them when she was younger. she genuinely despised guys because of it. Her mom was so busy that she hardly had time for her and every time she reports to her mum, her mum doesn't trust her.
It made her become an introvert and felt less of herself. It was incredibly hard for her to love herself not even someone.

When we met in school, we became and I was her close buddy. It was incredibly hard for her to even pour it out to me but over time she did. The past scenario has been influencing her present circumstances and anytime she thinks about it she gets depressed.

How to treat friends with Mental Health issues

Show them love and care
If I ever get in touch with such folks, the first thing they need is love. They require care too.

Give them helpful advice
The finest thing you can do to someone suffering from mental health challenges is to offer them support and helpful recommendations. Letting them know they will pass through it and it isn't the end of life.

Never judge
If you see or hear someone pass. do not judge them. it makes their mental health worse, they told you because they trusted you.

If you have a friend with a mental health condition you might urge them to consult a therapist too or an older person.

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