The Guitar And I ||| LOH Contest #109

What is your favorite musical instrument and why?
Do you know how to play it?
If not, do you think there are limits to learning to play it?

During my secondary school days, I have a friend of mine who happens to own a guitar 🎸 after school, we use to go under a particularly big tree with shades, sing some of our favorite songs, and play the guitar together.

Thinking about it now, I think this is where my love for guitar starts from. We use to do this and sometimes other friends will join us. Gradually we formed a mini band, that will go around on each of our birthdays to play, enjoy ourselves, and have fun. With time we extend this to playing on our parent's birthdays and they loved and appreciated us for it.

I played it better during those times than I can play now, I have never done any intense and proper training with the instrument.

I plan to buy a guitar before my son turned six years old, so I can get him a music teacher who can teach him and possibly us how to play it.

I don't think there is a limit for me to learning to play guitar, as much as I love and enjoy playing it I can always create a time for learning.

Sometimes ago I have this guitar app on my former phone, too bad I can no longer remember its name. But it was cool using it to provide some sweet melody.

I still have this dream of visiting the beach someday with a few friends, finding a cool spot, singing our favorite songs, and playing the guitar. This will be fun and memorable. Life is too short and is good we take opportunities to create some nice memory as much as we can and enjoying my guitar with some group of friends again won't be a bad idea.

Hello, @ijelady I'm curious to know your favorite musical instrument.

Thank you a lot for following and supporting my hive journey, till some other time, may the sweetness of music always finds you

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