Don't bother me, and my heart will stay still (LOH #121)

I only have 15 minutes to write this blog because I am in the middle of my review session for my licensure exam and we're on a 15-min break. It's not that I am rushing this blog sacrificing its quality but I have to express my thoughts through words or else this will vanish into thin air sooner or later. It's been a while pretty ladies of Hive, I am really busy because of my studies so I can't always visit here, but soon as I had the chance I immediately visit this community because the challenges here are always exciting. I won't prolong this introduction anymore hehe

One of the questions in this challenge is something like how do I know I am in love? Well, to tell you honestly I am not the type of person who falls hard and fall first. It's not something to boast but I don't usually get attracted first. I mean, back when I was in high school, I get attracted to people who have crush on me (not all, still depends on their character or attitude), soon as I know they have feelings for me that's the only time I get curious about them. It's like if someone won't pay attention to me or bother me I am fine with myself. I do have a crush or little interest to some. Most of the time, when the person is kind and quiet, I tend to get curious about what's going on in their mind. But, that curiosity won't last long. I get attracted for about one to two days or a few weeks then bye. I haven't fell hard. Also, I value friendship way more than a romantic relationship. Whenever I develope a little interest on a specific person, and then we become friends, that romantic relationship ends there and I will always see him as a really precious family. Like my own brother and I can't see him as a man, but a really important friend. It's like my heart will break if our friendship will end rather than if I end a romantic relationship. I experienced a lot of crying for a friend compared to the time I ended a potential romantic relationship (we're not yet official that time).

So, honestly in my 23 years of existence I haven't experience falling deep in love, and to answer the question in this challenge, I don't know how to know if I am in love, but right now surely, I am not :))

Thanks! Our break time is over so as this blog <3

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