LOH Community Contest Entry #66 - Me and Banaspati

This is the first time I'm writing about an unforgettable experience in my life with my husband as if it was a nightmare but it really happened. Although it is difficult to accept by reason and scientific research. Thanks for the question for this week @silversaver888. I think it would be interesting to write a little about the mystical experiences in my life. I will start writing about the location of the village where I live, which is a village in the interior of North Aceh. 200 meters from my house there is a public cemetery which is only lit by a 20-watt lamp and is rarely cleaned so that a lot of weeds grow 1 meter to 1.5 meters.

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The public graveyard is only cleaned twice a year by the community, namely before welcoming the Holy Month of Ramadan and the celebration of the Prophet's Birthday. There are five large, towering trees that are there, now only two trees are left because they are old and fall on their own and of course, this tree adds to the creepy impression in the village where we live.

Ghost, Witchcraft from an evil shaman, or Alien?
The story begins when I come home from Takziah with my husband on a motorbike (visiting the house of a relative who is grieving because a family member died, usually begins with praying and the bereaved party serves food menus for guests). The funeral home was quite far and we left after sunset with our two children. The event is held for seven days and seven nights and has become a custom in our area (Aceh Province, Indonesia), and in some areas, it only lasts for 3 days.
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After the event was over, we didn't go straight home but talked at length about the condition of the deceased before he died which left several messages of advice to the surviving families. The clock showed 23.45 WIB, we asked for permission to go home and our child was already sleeping on our lap. On our way home that night nothing strange happened even though we passed through a gravel road and beside a dark road. It happened just when 250 meters were about to reach the house, suddenly I saw the road in front of us became bright as if someone was carrying a big torch from above (to be honest I got goosebumps while writing this story), the motorbike was slowed down by my husband and he looked up and there was a big ball. (such as a Gym Ball measuring 45cm to 75 cm) that burns like a fire.

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Without speaking my husband immediately increased the speed of his motorbike but the ball kept following us, I didn't dare to look up and the light was gone when 20 meters to the house.
My husband told the story out of breath and then my father came out and asked what happened. My husband and I talked about what we saw, even though we were both not hallucinating or not feeling well.

Explanation from my father and googled the information.
My father said that he also often saw the object fall into the cemetery area and rarely seen in residential areas. My grandmother also said that she had seen the fireball fly over our village many times. Curious and my curiosity immediately increased so I tried to use my cellphone to search for information on Google. It turns out that there are a lot of experiences of people who have seen the object directly in different areas with different names.

Banaspati is a witch sent by the witch.
In Aceh it is often called "Ghost Boh Leuping" or a ghost-shaped like an old brown coconut, in Java it is called "Banaspati". I found a little information on Wikipedia Source“Banaspati is a term for a ghost or evil spirit with a high level of black magic that has a form like fire and the main element is fire. His figure can take the form of a fireball or fire vortex.” This Banaspati ghost also has several forms, you can read about it here. Banaspati supernatural beings are a term for ghosts or evil spirits who have a high level of knowledge and are often given the task of performing witchcraft.

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