Well, I didn’t have to think too much about it to know that my first call would be either of my best friends. I’m so blessed in the friendship department, while a lot of people come over seasons and go, there are a few people who have always remained in my corner and a couple of them are my best friend Amaka and Eze. If you’re one of the lucky ones, then once in a lifetime you’ll come across one or two persons who get you completely, the kind that speaks languages familiar to your heart, the ones with whom you never have to do too much or spend too much time explaining yourself to.

If I were ever in trouble, my first call would be either or both of best friends. I just paused to imagine what kind of trouble I could possibly be in and no picture came to mind, I avoid drama and problems with my life; best in avoiding stories that could touch LOL. Regardless of the nature of the trouble or problem, I would still call them because I’ve grown to be dependent on them over the years of our friendship. I’m also a very trusting person, all the evil in the world hasn’t taught me anything because once I love someone, I just let my guard, never imagining they would hurt me on purpose, I think that is why kind people who would do anything for me gravitate towards me and vice versa.


Amaka and Eze are my rock, a few years ago when I used to be a cry baby, I would always call or text them at any inconvenience. If I was nervous, or catch my anxiety creeping in, or someone offends me, I would always tell them. We are not a group of three friends, I have an independent relationship with both of them and they aren’t friends with each other, I don’t think they can even survive each other. LOL. My friendship with them has been the most uplifting and gracious thing about my life in my secondary school days.

They are both smart, strong minded and open thinkers and the only ones apart from romantic relationships that I’m comfortable letting into my mind or telling about my problems..


If the problem was emotional then I’m in the right place with them. they’re both emotionally intelligent and sensitive people. I can always trust them to give me true sound emotional advice without pandering to my ego. if the problem were any other kind like a murder, they they’ll still be my first call. our relationships are mutually beneficial and when you love someone, showing up for them becomes the least great thing you can do for them.

Amaka will most definitely freak out if I called her and told her I’ve killed someone. Eze would say: 'Sugz you better be joking', in his ever calm and steady voice. Meanwhile in my head, Eze is already jumping into his favorite black and white patterned shorts and a black tshirt while Amaka picks out her military camouflage joggers and t-shirt ready to race down to the location to scold my ass and get rid of the body or something, or call the police and set up my ex- boyfriend. LMAO. Just kidding, or not. But they are my people and they would surely help me through it. We now all live in different cities and I miss them so much.

On a different note, my first call would be my romantic partner if i had one. I imagine they would be my best friend and confidant and I would naturally just call them if I got into any trouble. I love the idea of having my own person to do life with, and if my life happens to be in trouble then it's my lover to the rescue.

Thank you for reading.



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