ecoTrain Question Of The Week Season 6 #1: PRIORITIES


A good follow up topic

A few days ago, I wrote about my personal Covid-19 experience and at the time of finishing that post, just before publishing it, I still felt pretty bad. Just days before, I was sometimes wondering if this was going in the right direction (aka towards healing) or that the cough was going to get worse and count me on the unlucky side of the covid-19 patients. Heck, I even made a list of stuff my boyfriend would need to pack in case I'd needed to go to the hospital (yeah, I really did please don't judge haha). I was pretty scared ending up in a public hospital here, which isn't known for the best care but covid-wise still the only go-to. Getting hospitalized due to covid means -> public hospital. My worst nightmare. We all know that fear doesn't bring the best advice and I reminded myself that I should not let fear get the best of me.

Fast forward a few days and now I feel that I'm defo on the better hand and even feeling like doing something again. Last weeks I collected enough pictures and topics to write posts when I'd feel better, but I'm preferring to write whatever suits me best today, this new QOTW was the one. Especially after being absent a few weeks by not participating. The topic is actually quite resonating with me now as well, so here it goes.


I'm one of these people that knows very well what the priority is for the day, week or longer term, but I also am one of these people that gets distracted by noise so easily. It's like one second I'm fully focussed doing A, and the next moment a fly passes my screen and I'm like: "Hey there buddy, what you doing?" following the fly's whereabouts and looking at the dishes that I need to clear, realizing I also had laundry to fold, and oh, dinner needs to be prepped as well. You get the point, my head can be total chaos while I'm in need for absolute focus. Thankfully, I'm aware of it and that's sometimes helping me to make some changes

I spent too much time behind my laptop

And going through the past weeks when I had Covid, I started realizing that life is too short to let the days fly by sitting behind a screen if not needed. Some days, it's allowed, but not all days. I ignored my laptop most days, woke up dropped my ass on the sofa and sat down to watch tv only, I simply had no interest in the laptop. I was too tired and ill as well, if I didn't have the kiddo at home, I would most-likely have stayed in bed full days to sleep and recover. But that was not possible as I didn't want her to be inside alone constantly while her father was working during the weekdays as well.

When I started feeling more ill, I got scared

And it was at that point when I realized that something should change, because what if I'd be hospitalized, and the unlucky one that could not recover on her own at home? What had I achieved in the past months? I felt like a loser, and guilty that the kiddo got less attention than I would have wanted to give her simply because my laptop sucked up most of my attention. I promised her that as soon I'd be feeling better, we'd start crafting again and I saw her eyes light up. So I felt excited to do so as well. It defo helps that winter is behind us and the spring temps have arrived, it's making me less grumpy and overall happier.

Things have been changing a lot

And that's not all by choice but also because we need to go with the flow of the day a bit and see how things unfold. Big steps have been made though, and it feels like we're close to making huge steps forward soon. Time is the only thing holding that back for happening currently, but it also means that I feel I've failed on achieving some of my goals because winter put me on hold for a while. The pandemic rules have been hard from time to time and I'm quite fed up with them. I'm sure once restrictions will be lifted, my mood will be too (haha).

My main priorities

Outside learning

I don't want to narrow things down too much because I need room to go with the flow, but the main priority currently for me is to force myself to go out more to let the kiddo learn stuff while outside rather than us sitting inside only. Be more active in finding lesson material for her, because she's very eager too, even when I'm feeling tired. And kindergarten won't be starting again for some weeks at least, so I have to step up my game. I know the world has the same issue, and she won't be the only one falling behind on stuff but obviously, I want to limit her from falling behind as much as I can.

Project focus

Pick at least one of my projects every month to fast forward the progress, and not let time pass too long before proceeding stuff. For this part, I know it's going to be so helpful once school starts again, giving me space to be focussed on my projects, which is super super hard now. At night, I'm often too tired to even think about that stuff because the days seem to last forever sometimes. This priority will be less important until school starts as I want to create more mommy daughter time until kindergarten re-opens.


My fit period was quite short and then I got ill, so no room for extra movement. Today I felt that I want to start again and I'm aiming at making it a family activity again, or at least involve my daughter as my boyfriend may not feel like it every day in combination with his work.

House ---> Home

In a month or so, I feel another priority comes to the surface because then I would slowly need to check the actual options regarding where we want to live. Will it be a cute village but in an upgraded house with garden? Or will we stick to this one a bit longer, and save up cash to seek another country next year? We know we could stay longer here if we like to, but honestly, the fact of being here another winter horrifies me, and I'd prefer another option, but if this is the best one out there, we stay put and I have to suck it up without complaining about it. There's only so much we can control and at least here we know what we have.


Enough to put on the list, now I just need to have the focus to maintain the priorities and work through them. I feel determined to do better than the months before covid!
What are your priorities? Did yours change recently as well?

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